April 26, 2018

  Market Notes
April 26, 2018


We, as a specialty produce company are always excited about finding new produce. After all, you expect that from us, it’s what we do. While we might not always have access to every product we usually are aware and can provide guidance. So we are especially excited when we stumble across a new item that is available and we can deliver on. We had to dig into the Euell Gibbons archives for this one but for the next two to three weeks we will have fresh Spruce Tips available in five pound bags. Spruce tips are surprisingly easy to use. You can simply drop a spruce tip in your glass of cold water and within an hour reap the benefits. You can also use them in craft beers. These mineral rich greens resolve sore throats and aid healing as well as neutralizing free radicals. Dries tips are used for tea and can be a rosemary alternative. The season is brief as these tips can only be harvested when they are very young before they become highly resinous. Shipped in five pound bags out of the Midwest this is most likely a Fed-Ex deal. If you want in, now is the time, blink and you will miss out.


It has been a great season for organic potatoes from our Colorado grower and packer in the San Luis Valley, but the season is winding down. We are out of organic yellows and the reds and russets are going quickly. We do have very good quality on organic russets as they stored very well and we treat them with clove oil to avoid early sprouting. We expect to continue packing the organic russets for the next three weeks. Our organic reds are not quite as pretty. With a two week supply dwindling fast, the reds are looking pink with a bit of skinning and a bit of mechanical damage. Regardless of condition, as the markets tighten up and even disappear these will find a home, maybe yours. Organic fingerlings are still available but within the next week or so we will be sprout nipping that will make them conventional. Organic potatoes are available in retail, food-service and wholesale packaging. From totes to 16/3# bags to 20# and 50# cases we offer a wide variety of product and packs. As the organic potato segment is rapidly growing, please contact us and we will set up a program for you.


Next Sunday, May 5th 2018, we will once again have competing celebrations. Both Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby are on the same day. While maybe we can imagine a minted guacamole, an avocado julep just won’t cut it. No matter how you slice it both avocados and mint will be in high demand. From what we can tell there should be no problem with avocados but herbs can get sparse pretty quickly. Make sure you are covered. Either way it should be an ironically great day for Dos Equis, and a great party day for the nation. Also a great day to play with finger limes.


A native of southern Europe and Western Asia, I’m now in India, Europe, and the U.S. I symbolized joy and pleasure for the Romans. You’ll find me mentioned in ancient Egyptian writings and the Bible. In the 10th century, China got me from Sumatra. I’m a smooth, hollow stemmed annual or biennial herb with feathery leaves crowned with yellow flowers that bear my progeny. I grow like a weed, up to 3 feet tall. You may not know that my flowers make beautiful fragrant bouquets. My fresh leaves and dried seeds are my culinary prize, both herb and spice. You can also buy my leaves dried, but I think they’ve lost their flavor. I would suggest that freezing best preserves my leaves. I’m excellent in sauces and dressings, with vegetables, chicken and poultry. You would guess my identity if I told you some of my favorite dishes; I’ll simply say, I’m often part of a cure. In addition, my leaves and seeds create beneficial oil. Make me into tea or chew on my seeds to combat urinary-tract infections, bad breath, and upset, gassy stomach. My highest nutritional content is potassium and calcium. Warning to birds – my ripe seeds are toxic to you. I also am the name of the newest Rugrats cartoon character.


Answer To Last Week’s Quiz:…CHIC PEAS…Congrats To All Winners

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