April 27, 2017

  Market Notes
April 27, 2017


Now that our potato transition is complete and we are operating on all cylinders, we are just in time to offer some holiday deals on our potato program. From the San Luis Valley in Colorado we are offering the best new potato of the season, the Harvest Moon. It probably is the most popular, most grown, highest demand, most consumed potato or food in the entire world. (If he can do it, so can we!) We have good supply left and we are ready to make deals for both food-service and retail packs. Out of Edison, California, we are coming on strong with our new crop of Russian Banana Fingerlings and would love to put together a holiday ad for your customers. So, for the busiest restaurant day of the year, let’s give ‘em something to talk about instead of the same pre-fix hum and drum. Call your Culinary rep to play “let’s make a deal.”


Now that the lettuce transition from Yuma to Salinas is complete we are finally back with all components and mixes. Nothing is improved more than our baby lettuce, arguably the best in the business. The baby head program is currently at peak of perfection. The mixed box has a minimum of four varieties and there are usually six or seven. All varieties are available as separate components, and the weight is a minimum of four pounds, currently closer to six. We do not think there is a better baby lettuce value out there, even with shipping considerations.. Sustainably gown, Baby heads can consolidate with spring mix, spinach, kale, and other salad green components and can load FOB in Salinas or consolidate in SFO or LAX market area. For serious players, BMX samples are available.


With the arrival of the eastern Fiddlehead Ferns, most of the spring forage offerings are complete. Ramps are nearing their peak. Claytonia is big and bountiful. Morel Mushroom are dropping in price and increasing is variety. Nettles are available in two colors and are abundant. Foraged Seabeans are available. Cattail Shoots are arriving daily; wild Spring Onions and Fennel are also available in limited quantity. Summer truffles (Italy) and Porcini Mushrooms (USA) are around the corner, so now is a prime time to go into the wild.


Originally from Malaysia, I grow in clusters on a small evergreen tree. While several of my relatives have smooth or moderately bumpy skin I am wild, out of control. Maybe that way you’ll leave me alone. But no such luck for me. Though I try to portray a hedgehog to discourage you I am plucked from my family. My yellowish-brown shell is split open to reveal a white translucent pulp. I even grow a seed in my center in hopes of being passed by but to no avail. You just cannot seem to get enough of my super sweet flesh. Some of my relatives have developed the ability to be sour or acidic but you still just pluck, pluck, pluck. Only two inches in diameter you would think they would leave us alone. Some folks get fancy. They cut off only my top half and serve me like an egg in a cup. Usually eaten out of hand, I am also a great component of a fruit salad. Other uses include canned in syrup, used in stuffing’s, or cooked alongside of vegetables or meat. I am rich in vitamin C and am a good source of iron and potassium. It is my feeling that we are best left alone to multiply, but you don’t seem to agree so there are not many of us around. I am always a popular treat for the coming New Year.

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