Aug. 29, 2019

  Market Notes

Aug. 29, 2019



    The global headquarters of Culinary Specialty Produce will be closed on Monday, September 2nd, in celebration of Labor Day. Please ignore the irony. Our 24/7 produce hotline remains open and all calls will be transferred to that office.  Most terminal markets are closed but many consolidators are open, grower docks are anticipating half days, freight forwarders are open, and airlines are on schedule.  There is no pick up for overnight delivery. At this point we have rearranged all our logistics to arrive before or after the holiday closures. If you are not sure about dock times for pick-ups please check with your Culinary Rep as they all vary. For those who are enjoying the day off or taking advantage of the three day weekend we wish you a happy, healthy and safe holiday. For the rest of us, hope we can make it an easy and early day. In many areas school has already begun but we still see it as the last blowout of summer. Lots of excitement to come over the next few months so sit back, take a breath, and stay tuned. Grill lots fingerling potatoes, we’ll grow more.



   This week pretty much concludes the Andy’s stone fruit program for 2019.  We do have some wonderful culinary French and Italian plums which many freeze for Christmas time goodies and there might be some “B” grade Green Gage Plums, but the prime pickings’ are gone.  Having the privilege of marketing Andy’s Orchards stone fruit for just short of a decade now, we realize that the entire program is a scant three months with bulk of the variety picked, packed and sold within a five week period. Sweetly intense.  Next year promises some new acers, larger quantities and of course the magic of Andy’s trees and cross breeding program. Until then we have a brief period of Persimmons and some new winter citrus to look forward to.  From season to season the external conditions play a huge role in the outcome of the crop at Andy’s.  Last year the season was average.  This year, it was awesome. We look forward to expanding our program in the years to come. Look out Chicago!


    As if they were going to do a remake of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes with a cast of millions and they are ready to film. So the remake got cancelled and now there are squizillions of tomatoes for sale and they are cheap. Heirlooms are available in every shape and color. Dry farmed by the bucketful. Organic, cherry, red, gold, black, green, yellow and rainbow, Prices below silly, loading places from Sacramento to San Diego. This is the peak week for tomatoes so offer then up liberally, create amazing displays, make your sauce now for colder climates or encourage a community food fight. No matter what you use them for, get all you need and we will still have more. Please call for details and deals.  


    We are a huge group with thousands of families, and this is our prime season.  Although details will vary from family to family, many common nutritional characteristics keep us together.  We have been lobbying for our own country, but there is no one place on Earth that can contain us.  We need it all, the whole planet.  Primarily we are refreshing, sweet, beautiful (except one silly family who named there son “Ugly”), and often exotic.  We are excellent thirst quenchers and maintain an average water content of 80% to 95%.  We are generally low in calories (30 to 100 per half cup) and usually contain 13 to 23 grams of carbohydrates per serving.  Except for nuts and a few other crazies, we are virtually fat-free and do not provide a great source of protein.  We are very rich in vitamins (A, B6, and C) and minerals (potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium).  The brighter and darker we are, the more vitamins and minerals we possess.  We are huge in organic acids including citric, tartaric, malic, acetic, and oxcilic.  We are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber, making us very digestible and cleansing.  Best of all we taste great and provide an excellent source of energy.  We provide a tasty way to beat 5-A-Day!

Answer to last weeks quiz…CREAMER POTATOES..Congrats to all winners!

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