August 30, 2018

  Market Notes
August 30, 2018


All is good. Organic Russets are scheduled to be dug on Tuesday, 9-4-2018, right after the holiday. We are still waiting for pricing which we hope to have tomorrow. All else is running smoothly so we’ll take up some space and push the two loads of Harvest Moon potatoes we will have available this season. We are doing an early dig next week so we can put together some sample boxes. Each bag will have a few pounds of the Harvest Moon potato along with a description for your customers. Sample case will be available for shipping late next week and the week following. The Harvest Moon is a smooth purple skinned round potato with a brilliant yellow flesh. It is deceiving in its color due to exterior but these make amazing fries, chips and mashed potatoes as well. If you would like a sample box, please contact your Culinary Rep, and we will send it out.


Our global operations will be shut down from end of business Friday 8-31-2018 through Monday 9-3-2018 in celebration of Labor Day. Global operations will resume on Tuesday 9-4-2018. 24 hour ops remain unchanged as does tracking and the information desk functions. Markets are closed as is airport drayage and overnight drop-off pick-up. Tuesday AM deliveries need to be placed no later than end of business Friday 8-31-2018. From us and ours, wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and safe holiday weekend. We look forward to working with you on the other side. Grill lots of fingerlings!


wish they could get my name straight. From Callaloo to Inca Wheat to Love-Lies-Bleeding, it’s all me but in many different forms. Even my primary name origin is confusing. It is derived from the Greek meaning unfading love flower. Found throughout the world but mostly in the tropics, I am an ornamental plant, a grain and an edible leaf. We also do food coloring, but that’s another quiz. My value as an ornamental is made quite obvious by my long clusters of beautiful red flowers and fiery red leaves. My plant grows up to 36 inches and each one of us can contain as many as 500,000 seeds. As a grain I am a historical staple. This changed when conquistador Hernando Cortés, in reaction to the Aztec’s donation of me in religious related rituals, ordered my field’s destroyed and removed by the hands of any farmers who planted me. So my humble Mexican beginnings were halted but not eliminated. My resistance to drought, ease of growth, and nutritional benefits prevailed and today I am popped, sprouted, used as a cereal, or a moist and sweet (yet unlevening) flour. As a green, I can be green, red, gold, or any combination of the three. My colorful tasty green is often substituted for spinach in soups, pasta dishes or vegetable dishes. Fry, steam or boil me briefly, as I do not require much heat to become tender. My amino acids are very well balanced (they don’t even wobble). I am rich in lysine, methionine and tryptophan, and provide an excellent source of magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper and zinc. So in one form or another, regardless of what you call me, I’’ be there.


Answer To Last Week’s Quiz:…PUMELO/SHADDOCK…Congrats To All Winners

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