August 31, 2017

  Market Notes
August 31, 2017


Culinary Specialty Produce will be closed Monday, September 4, 2017 in celebration of Labor Day. The LA Market, New York Market, and many of our growers will be closed. There will be limited shipping and receiving and arrangements must be made in advance on a case by case basis. Florida and LA consolidation will happen on Tuesday and airline drops will resume on Tuesday September 5. 2017. Our California office will retain its 24/7 schedule for advance orders, tracking and donations to our office on Mars. All operations resume normal hours on Tuesday September 5, 2017. From us and ours to you and yours we wish you a safe, happy and healthy holiday weekend. And, as always we thank you for your continued support.


Now that we are just beginning to get our west coast potato distribution program back on track our east coast forward distribution has fallen behind. The regional growers we had hoped would be able to cover were hit by rains and quality problems leaving us with product that we can only offer on an open basis. Fortunately this is a slow time for potatoes and we only have four pallets of compromised product. The good news is next week we begin shipping from our new California fields so we will be ready to go the week after the holiday. With Colorado right around the corner we should be in very good shape as business ramps up for the cooler weather and the holiday season. Please let us know if you are interested in working some pallets with skinning issues, we will make it worth your while.


So you grew the biggest zucchini in the neighborhood and everybody has traded fava beans and basil, what’s next? Hopefully the local tomato gardens are past their prime and the demand for California tomatoes has increased because the west coast supply is game on. From cocktail heirloom organics to multi-color slicers we have straight packs and mixed packs at peak of perfection. Quality is great, price is right and volume is sufficient. Conventional or organic, from San Francisco to San Diego, we have growers up and down the coast ready to load. Please check with your Culinary Rep for details.


Long ago and far away, you may have picked me up along the roadside or maybe stumbled across me as you haunted the dark winding cemetery paths. I was so like my bright white cousin with her closely drawn veil, but instead, you chose me with my tan skin. And, the darker my skin, the more beautiful you found me, even with my torn or missing veil. You called to me in Italian and ignored my older sisters who were flaunting their dark gills nearby. Cultivated on a huge scale since the time of France’s Louis XIV, I may be the best known of my kind in the western world. My ring is partially upturned and quite small and you may get a faint red stain from caressing my head or neck. I have a heartier, richer flavor than my perfect white cousin. Ready any time and nearly any place, I can couple with most cuisine, but you’d do best to marry me well with beef, wild game and vegetable dishes. Just wipe me clean and enjoy low calories and high fiber. I may not be the Prince of my family, nor do they compare me to filet mignon, but call me a baby of my now famous and overrated big sister, and I’ll fetch a premium market price. Lest we not need to be reminded, we both originally came from poo.

Answer To Last Week’s Quiz…SWEET POTATO…Congrats To All Winners
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