December 27, 2018

  Market Notes
December 27, 2018



The Chinese Proverb saying
“May You Live In Interesting Times”

  Here’s proof, enjoy!

10) KROGER vs PACA – Big business said we’ll pay you in 90 days. Produce business said PACA.

                                    PACA won.

9) CANNABIS/HEMP– Through the Farm Bill eliminating prohibition for hemp, Israel approving

                                     exports of medical marijuana and organic grower conventions including

                                    cannabis, all the signs are there. Opportunities for growers abound?

8) FDA/CDC- The laziest move of protection ever. In our industry when we do it wrong, we pay.

                       What happens when the government gets it wrong?  We pay. Then they talk to

                       us about accountability?  What about the Romaine in Florida, Texas, New York?

7) BIOTIC –  Still the best way to maintain crops. Take care of the soil and the soil will take

                      care of the plants. We are now starting to hear this from our customers so the

                      idea is growing. We remain dedicated to this process and are proud to offer

                     products that are its result.

6) PRE- The latest trend. From whole food to prepped food to chewed food to pre-food, the

             obvious next step. For those who do not want to worry about tainted water or fruits

             and veggies with bad bacteria but still believe in Biotic farming, pre says who needs

             the plants?  Be it loam, sand, clay or rock, produce just holds the nutrients we need so

             lets really get down with the earth. Tell us the produce you want and we will send you

             the appropriate soil.  Just add water, or not.

5) PRODUCE BUTCHER – The latest retail concept for people who don’t want to prep food but

                                         can’t buy pre-cut. These are retail employees who will slice and dice

                                         your produce while you wait.  You can watch the process to make sure

                                         it is the right produce and prepped correctly or come back after you

                                         are done shopping to pick it up.

4) LABOR – Still the largest factor in growing.  Between wages, robotics and immigration, costs

                   are going up, workers remain scarce and lots of produce is left on the trees and in

                   the field. Hence the growth of PRE!

3) FARM BILL –  Score for our industry.  Lots of money for research, food safety and crop

                           development. Ends prohibition and adds economy to canna-business. No

                           longer a schedule one drug.

2) FINGERLING  FIASCO  –  When is a fingerling not a fingerling? When the market is empty

                                               and a long yellow “B” size almost looks like a fingerling. Buyer

                                               beware, we certainly will be. Know your variety!

1)THE PERFECT STORM-  It started with the romaine. Recall of anything having to do with

                                any romaine anywhere in the country set buyers and packers

                                scrambling for a substitute.  This quickly made all greens double

                                and even triple in price while overnight availability disappeared.

                                Then, while the Caesar salads got sad, the fields got cold so the

                                growth got slow.  Then came the rains so growers could not

                                harvest the limited product they had.  All due to a lazy agency

                                or two.  And who pays?   You do!


From us and ours to you and yours wishing you a safe, happy and healthy New Year


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