Feb 20, 2020

  Market Notes Feb 20, 2020



     We believe we have the brightest and best tasting yellow flesh potatoes in the country and we would like to challenge you to prove us wrong.  So confident are we that we are willing to put our potato where our mouth is. We will happily send anyone from chefs to buyers and wholesalers a sample of our Harvest Moon ™ potatoes for a taste and color test against any other yellow flesh variety. Sample them yourself or give them to your favorite customers to taste. There is one catch that is really an advantage.  Our yellow flesh, have to wear sunglasses when sliced, yellow flesh potatoes have a beautiful purple skin. They say “you can’t judge a book by its cover” so it would now be fitting to say “you can’t judge a potato by its skin” Harvest moon is available in both fifty pound and twenty pound bulk food service cases or twelve/two pound mesh with header cases for retail.  Great for baking, chipping, soup or sauté, this “B” sized potato is bursting with flavor and light. We encourage you to take us up on our challenge and prove us wrong. A tasty adventure indeed.  Please contact Richard for details.


    Customers have been asking for a few weeks now so we thought it wise to answer and give you our best update. The answer is no, we do not have ramps available for shipping just yet. This really is Mother Nature’s call. There had been some unexpected warm weather a few weeks ago throughout the mid-west creating a possibility of an early season, but frost and low temps have squashed that possibility.  Traditionally we see the first growth in the beginning of March but they are small and often uncleaned.  It is not until mid to late March when the fronds have some length and product becomes abundant. Then we have six to eight weeks of rampalicious.  We will keep you informed every step of the way.  We are as eager to sell them as you are to buy them. Please remember that the price of fresh ramps drop after the first two weeks when they become abundant. If you need to be “first on the block” we will be offering them as well.  


     I am a brassica.  I am a salad green.  I am a seed.  I am a condiment.  I am a powder.  I am oil.  Medically I have been known to be a cure for the common cold.  My name comes from a mixture of Roman words meaning unfermented grape juice and burning wine.  I was eaten by prehistoric man and spread throughout the world by the Romans.  As a spice I am second in global usage only to pepper.  Some people think I am a standard part of a Rolls Royce but that’s just Hollywood capitalizing on me. I am hottest and most pungent when black.  In one form or another I can be used in anything, and everything savory.  I am a “take me out to the game” favorite, not Mister Mean.

Answer to last week’s quiz ….. DAIKON RADISH…..Congrats to all winners

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