February 14, 2019

  Market Notes
February 14, 2018

      Artichokes know for heating the genitals and producing euphoria that is conducive to love making.  Cinnamon is known for inducing lively desire.  Horseradish is reputed to have stimulating sexual value.  It is said that mint was believed by the Hindus to stimulate the lower chakras in men.  Endive was used as a love charm by women in Germany. In the West Indies eggplant is made into a paste and boiled with chives, peppercorns, pimentos and vanilla beans then applied to the male genitals to increase blood flow.  Nutmeg, in near toxic amounts is highly prized in the Orient as an aphrodisiac for women.  Pistachio is often mentioned in Arab erotic guides its aphrodisiac value. Red or white pepper, combined with nettle seeds is known to create exciting sexual impulses. Mango is essential for a genital ointment when its oil is combined with arris root and placed in a hole of the trunk of the sisu tree for six months. The Greeks believe that lentils stimulate sexual desire. The Chinese believe a ginger fruit jam makes sexual properties active. Italian erotic cookery manuals include frangipane and almonds as a sexual aid. Dill, mentioned by the English poet Michael Drayton, is a stimulating ingredient in love potions. The French believed celery soup was a means of whetting the appetite for love. In Greece the carrot was popular as a sexual medicine called philtron.  Pliny the Elder believed beets were helpful in promoting amorous capacity. Powdered white thorn apples with black pepper, honey and long pepper create an ointment that creates an irresistible means of achieving sexual mastery. (Source – A Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs – Harry  E. Wedeck – Philosophical Library 1989)

                                                                PRESIDENT’S DAY

Presidents’ Day is celebrated this year on Monday, February 18th. While east coast markets remain open most west coast markets will be closed in celebration.  West coast deliveries and consolidation points will resume on Tuesday.  Most shippers will have cooler hours but sales staffs will be out playing golf.  So, if you want to load Monday, please let us know Friday.  If not, we know who you are and we will seek you out. Please contact your Culinary rep for more confusion and mass amounts of incorrect information. Good year for this holiday. Should be fun to hear all the candidate jargon that’s always filled with life changing meaning (hee-hee). At least we will have an open government.



I am a cruciferal.  Known to bring good luck to those who ingest me, I am an herbaceous annual plant native to Europe and western Asia.  Romans used my seeds as well as my leaves.  As a member of the cabbage family I am related to watercress, mustard and radishes.  I can grow as high as twenty inches but many times my tender baby leaves are harvested when they are about three inches long.  My leaves are similar in shape to a radish or a dandelion, but my nutty, bitter flavor is by far the best.  I am a relatively perishable green and should be used a couple days after harvest.  Some people store me in a glass of fresh water (like cut flowers) that would be changed daily, but most refrigerate me with a damp cover at my base.  We think that’s best.  Consumed raw, I am a feature in many salads, a component of many other salads, and I combine magically with cheese (goat or parmesan slivers) and citrus (blood or cara-cara oranges).  I can even add some zip to your best potato salad.  When cooked, I make a great base for fish or beef entrees, or wilted as a side dish.  If you’re careful I can even be fried.  Strong in fiber, I am also a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium.  As a pharmafood I am considered to have the properties of a stimulant and a diuretic.


Answer to last weeks quiz…TAMARILLO (RED or GOLD…Congratulations to all winners!

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