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Prepare for a flavor sensation. Harvest Moon ™ potatoes can be used in place of any yellow or russet potato. Your palette will be amazed by the intense flavor and your eyes will be drawn to the striking color. Mashed, sautéed, boiled or baked, Harvest Moon™ potatoes will add new dimensions to any of your potato dishes. Harvest Moon ™ potatoes are grown “biotically”, a natural process requiring fewer chemicals and less water. Purple is indeed the new tastier yellow. Please devour politely.

On the plate the Harvest Moon ™ potatoes are stunning. Served as a baker the colors stand out. When mashed the flavor is memorable. Roasted they blend beautifully with onions, mushrooms, fennel and squash. When fried they are crispy shinned and fully inside. You can even fry cut them with skins on or half-skinned. When boiled for salads the hold up with great flavor and texture. The Harvest Moon™ potatoes also make awesome potato chips.

For Center Plate or vegetarian purposes, there is not a prettier or tastier potato than the Harvest Moon™. When stuffed with seafood, meats, egg preparations or veggies, this potato will stand out as a memorable base or vessel for any menu.

* Product – Harvest Moon Potatoes

* Attributes – Purple Skin – Yellow Flesh- Strong Flavor

* Pack Size-50#

*Pallet – 50/50#

* ti-hi – 7×7 +1

For more information on this unique product and affordable packaging, please contact Richard Leibowitz at 908-789-4700 or cell phone at 908-403-5506. e-mail is