July 19, 2018

  Market Notes
July 19, 2018


We remain on schedule. This week we started distribution of the New Mexico Russian Banana fingerlings packed in Mosca, CO and shipped to Sunrise. The receiving inspection showed zero defects (we think that’s a first) and we are actually getting compliments on the product. The price is not as high as the California product but a bit higher than the Colorado product whose season we just completed. We hope to run this program through September when our Colorado harvest begins to ship. Next week (Thursday) colors and mixes will be available from our Mosca, Colorado dock as well as for pre-order for our east coast forward distribution. West coast remains steady until the heat takes over and the potatoes start to melt. Fortunately we have a contingency plan for that as well. Aside from fingerlings we are finding tight markets on red and yellow pee-wee fingerlings along with white and purple creamers. Purple A’s are also tricky, buyers beware.


We have a rare treat for those who often request this product. Oca is a flavorful tuber developed in the Andes. It is a winter over crop that produces tubers annually. There are very few domestic growers and we usually see oca at Farmer’s Markets in the winter. But it is winter in New Zealand and 5 kilo cases are being imported and available in the LA Produce Market. Three colors are available, traditional red, pink and apricot. These sweet tubers are low in oxcilic acid and internationally used as a substitute for yams. Oca can be used as an alternative for most root vegetable recipes.

Oca is often confused for crosnes or ozette potatoes but it has its own look and flavor. Excellent for wet or dry salads, oca will add a great look and flavor for any starch need and might scare the neighbor’s away. We expect availability to be six weeks or less.


Food California Central Coast food show month concludes next weekend with the PMA’s Food Service Convention in Monterey. This one is a biggie. Everyone seems to be in town and as our office is a mere forty minutes north we get to meet with both our growers and customers without straying too far from home. For those who are in town and would like to meet please contact our California office at 831-288-0980 to schedule a meet and greet or as we will be running around town the mobile number is 908-403-5506. So, travel safe, glean what you can, call us or if you really want to do something amazing, get to Andy’s Orchards in Morgan Hill for the best (we really mean best) stone fruit on the planet.


On your face and in the ground, Slice me, dice me, soak me in brine,

I’m the most mistaken fruit around. Fry me, boil me, bake me up fine.

A nightshade berry is what I really am, China’s 5th century BC is to me be,

But you’d never find me in any kind of jam. My original home not India (ee).

Shiny, black, purple, canary, striated or white, I am pear shaped, with large purple flowers,

I’m available all year, without too much fight. When I blow out my air, I soak up oil for hours.


Answer To Last Week’s Quiz:…CHERRIES…Congrats To All Winners

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