July 20, 2017

  Market Notes
July 20, 2017


The central coast of California is where most of our baby greens come from. While the southern part of the central valley is suffering from the threat of fire, the northern part is suffering from intense heat. It has caused such damage that several fields have been disked as the product was too damaged to harvest. The new crop is growing slowly thereby creating a serious gap in product. It is going to take 2-3 weeks to catch up. Mesclun has survived this heat tragedy but the baby spinach, baby kale and arugula were not so lucky. The point here is at least these three items are going to be very tight through the middle of August. We do have other areas to source product from and will do all possible to fill all orders. We recommend ordering early and picking up on time as allocations and pro-rating will change regularly.


Harvest and packing of the sunburned Russian Banana fingerlings is now complete. We have sorted through every last bin and packed every potato that looked good. Sorting through that disaster is done. We are now receiving new crop that is very clean, not damaged, and abundant. It might take us a week to fill the pipeline but we have plenty to ship. Unfortunately this caused a gap in our east coast forward distribution. While we are loading new crop we are unable to get to our east coast distributor before next Friday. This means we will not have any Russian Banana for next week delivery but will be ready for Monday, July 31st deliveries. We strive to keep Russian Banana fingerlings available on a year round basis nationally and can offer FOB Bakersfield, California loading for our customers who have trucks out west as early as Saturday July 22nd. We have a strong network which, after this gap, should provide a steady supply going forward.


We have reviewed this before but as it gets closer we thought it prudent to remind all attendees again. For those attending the Food Service PMA show in Monterey you most likely have your agendas complete by now. With our California office one county away we have also filled a lot of our time as well. For any of our customers who would like a meet and greet or a sit down, please contact Richard at 831 288-0980. These events are always crunch time insane, but there is usually time for a drink or a bite. We look forward to seeing you all in town. Travel safe, have a great show


I am the yellow/orange fruit of the Eriobotrya japonica evergreen tree from the orient. Because I am not confined to a tropical climate, my coming out party is the first of all spring fruits, and I am the first to depart as well. I am pear shaped and three inches long. If you judged me by my looks, I would be similar to an apricot but I impart an almond flavor when used in jams and jellies. My flesh is pale yellow and I have a mild sweet/tart flavor. I have one to three large seeds in my center. Keep me away from bruisers as they would have a field day with me. I stay very clean when kept close to home, and have a tendency to get discolored and misshapen when I travel long distances. Originating in China I am also grown in Japan, India, Central America, and the United States. I can be poached in syrup, eaten out of hand, used in chicken and duck dishes, fruit salads, dried or canned. I am an excellent source of Vitamin A and very low in calories. So lo that it is part of my name


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