July 27, 2017

  Market Notes
July 27, 2017


This is rare! This is Andy’s! This is available! This year Andy’s Orchards is going to have a good sized crop of Green Gage Plums. They are packed in 5# bulk boxes which contain about 60 to 80 pieces. They will be available FOB Morgan Hill where they are grown, Los Angeles through the Santa Monica Market and distributors in New York and Las Vegas. Why is this so incredible? Green Gage Plums do not harvest every year. Sometimes they skip a few years before bearing fruit. Other times the winters are not cold or wet enough for a good fruit “set”. Sometimes the trees produce an early harvest and then go dormant. This season, none of that happened. When you consider the DNA of the Green Gage, considered by many to be the finest of all plums, add to that domestic production and the magic of Andy’s hands you have something rare indeed. Harvest begins next week and will last three weeks at its longest. This is comparable to a rare vintage year for a fine wine. If you care at all about the best of the best, get these!


The asparagus market remains tight with no areas in heavy production. From rough Peruvian transitions and fields winding down in Mexico, the smaller sizes have some volume while the larger sized continue to tighten up. Snow peas and snap peas are looking up. Improved weather has eliminated the breakdown and spotting. Arrivals are coming from both Peru and Guatemala. Stringless snap peas will be available soon from Peru. French beans and baby peeled carrots are both strong while the rainbow carrots will catch up in the next few weeks. Baby squash is solid unless you want green patty pan. Sunburst and baby green zucchini both have strong production and good quality. Supplies are also strong on blackberries and blueberries.


Morels are gone and the ramps are just bulbs but there is still a fine selection of fungus, spores and tubers to choose from. First up are the domestic Lobster Mushrooms, the best grilling mushroom you can burn. Chanterelles are from Belarus, and for a short time there are domestic Lion’s Mane Mushrooms available. Then there are the standard, Shi-itake, Maitake, Nameko, Shijemi, Enoki, King Trumpet and Oyster. There is a great deal on Italian Summer Truffles, and two different grades on Black Winter Truffles from Australia. All of the above are available for same day shipping via airport or overnight carrier. Please check with your Culinary rep for delivered pricing.


I am fruity member of the cucumber family. I am also a native of Africa and I have an old soul. In fact I have been cultivated and eaten since well before 2000 B.C. My marbled skin is thick and rich in color. I am sweet and crisp and my flesh can be vibrant red, pale pink or golden yellow. My fifty plus varieties differ in weight and sizes. My round cousins are the light weights of the family, while my oblong uncles are more plump sometimes even reaching 100lbs. Some of us are even square just so we can fit in. In certain regions, my skin is pickled, candied or fried, but mostly found slurped, moon shaped, ragged and discarded. My smooth little seeds, one of my most prominent features, are not very loyal for they are often found spat, spewed or swallowed. Some of my hybrid varieties carry no seeds at all. I make an amazing summer salad and combine well with many herbs and greens. If you’ll be spending time in the dessert, I’m the companion you’ll want to bring along, just make sure you’re prepared for my diuretic effects. I am also a small source of Vitamin C and Potassium.


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