July 5, 2018

  Market Notes
July 5, 2018


Our market projections have become realities and now we are prepared to put a fine point on it. As explained in earlier blurbs on this boring and complicated transition, we are now using California product for east coast forward distribution. It is annoyingly expensive due to the high cost of trucking. Product is solid but nothing more and price is in the fifties. YIKES! We only have about a half a load left to get us through next week. We will be back to shipping out of Colorado as of 7-13-2018 from New Mexico fields until late September when the San Luis Valley product comes out of storage. Prices will continue to drop through each phase. By October we will be steady with a two to three dollar overall increase compared to last season. Colors and assortments will begin shipment 7-20-2018, the following week. So, other than a possible two to four day gap late next week, we have maintained uninterrupted service and remain dedicated and grateful to our very loyal (and tolerant) clients. Thank you! The best is yet to come!


It’s food show season in central California and two of the more interesting gatherings are right around the corner. July 11th begins the Organic Food Show. This is a relatively new show that has grown exponentially in popularity each year. A few weeks later is the Food Service PMA Show. Both are located in beautiful foggy Monterey, California, a stone’s throw from Pebble Beach and Salinas. Also, Monterey is less than an hour from our Corralitos (between Santa Cruz and Watsonville), California office. While we no longer do the “booth” thing we have found that we are able to meet with our clients on a more personal level. So, if you are coming into to town for either of these shows and would like to meet for a drink, a meal or a tour, please contact our west coast office at 831-288-0980. We have several meetings in and around the convention center so it is likely we pretty close by. For gold and fishing please contact our pay for play department at numbers not yet invented.


am famous for playing hard to get, but I’m coming soon. The few that are graced with my presence find me on small tropical trees in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, as well as Hawaii. I am the reigning queen in the Guttiferaceae family and you must refer to me as the “Queen of the Tropical Fruits.” I grow at my own leisurely pace, and although it’s usually in a timely fashion, I won’t be hurried. I am difficult to propagate and will easily get persnickety. My thick, vibrant skin is simply stunning. While I might share the same purplish red skin color as a pomegranate, please, give me a break, I am significantly more beautiful both inside and out. My insides are segmented into adorable pulpy white/ivory sections. My pulp is sensually delicate, yet powerfully sweet and juicy. My amazing exotic flavor has been described as a mixture of pineapples, apricots, oranges, and grapes. One taste will bring you to your knees as I melt in your mouth. If you must, I can be pureed as a topping, used for ice creams or sorbet, or tossed in a fruit salad, but if it’s my essence your after (and who isn’t?) all you need do is spoon me right out of my skin. I think the Indonesians have it best because that is where I am most abundant. Can you believe they actually use me in recipes for pickles and vinegar? Such a waste! If you’re like me and blessed with a fabulous sense of fashion, I’m probably on your shoes, wallet, or gloves as the tannins from my skin are used as a dye. I contain potassium and vitamin C and just for fun, I threw in some iron and niacin. I have no religious affiliations, sound like a fruit I am not, and if found on mainland USA I am almost always radiant.


Answer To Last Week’s Quiz:…PEAS…Congrats To All Winners

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