June 12, 2015

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  June 12, 2015

So we have heard (and probably you have too) the baby lettuce program from Peru is on hold. Weather it is being held in the field due to poor quality held in the packing house for numerous reasons or held by APHIS for the discovery of bugs in the leaves. Not only does this cover current arrivals that have been missed, it also blocks up future shipments while increasing inspections and adding cost and time. There is also a possibility that the bugs found are from planet Snairb and they are not allowed in our universe thereby having to incinerate the entire shipment. What’s a distributor to do? No, worries, Culinary to the rescue! Our California baby lettuce program has taken off and is in full production. Not only do we have the single best value BMX in the industry, there are hearty healthy babies at very reasonable prices. There are 156 on a pallet with each case weighing a minimum of 2#’s while the BMX is twice the weight for the same price, hence the good deal. All the usual varieties are included and orders are filled complete upon 24 hour notice. We can consolidate in LA, deliver into Florida on our truck, fly to any major airport or cross dock in SFO. For those we deem serious, we will even Fed-Ex samples overnight. So if you are looking to improve your existing baby lettuce program, or start one that will be consistent quality and price, please give us a call. We have the tools to do this well. Give Peru a break, it’s getting cold down there.

We thought they would stop when they were being used in grenades and as ammunition, but no, the chili pepper business just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Imagine, if you dare, a pepper so hot it is more than double the Scoville units of the Ghost pepper and 33% hotter than the hottest Scorpion variety. With its highest rating of over 2.2 million Scoville units, the relatively new Carolina Reaper pepper is the hottest ever measured. Perfected by Ed Curie in Carolina, the Reaper Pepper is now commercially available, grown and shipped by the best pepper growers in the world, Holland, of course. Developed in North Carolina, grown in Holland and available for consolidation and loading in Los Angeles, this is truly a global pepper. Habanero’s are embarrassed; Scotch Bonnet’s are now seen with their heads held low, while Fresno’s are just mocked, openly. Reaper chili peppers are packed in 8/50 gram caskets (just under two pounds) and are available for loading in LA and consolidation in the immediate surrounding areas. Please check with your Culinary rep for details.

I am originally from the Middle East and Central Asia. I have been cultivated there for thousands of years. I am a member in good standing of the Umbelliferae family (you may have heard of my cousin hemlock, I know Socrates has). I am a biennial plant and have hundreds of varieties ranging in height, thickness and color. In fact my various colors almost cover the entire rainbow including, white, orange, red, purple, and if left out to long, black. I am produced globally but my largest crops come from the United States, China, England, France, Japan, and Poland. My uses are truly universal. Need to soothe a burn? Use me raw as a compress for immediate relief. Menstrual cramping got you bloated? Don’t run to the medicine cabinet, head for the refrigerator and munch out on me. Wanna make your wine more interesting? Use me in the fermentation process and cheer the results. On the culinary side, I have one danger. Excessive consumption will make your skin color, my primary skin color. This is a great alternative to the tanning salon. You will enjoy me in crudités, soups, salads, sandwiches, cookies, cakes, or classically glazed with brown sugar and butter. I am a dieter’s delight with my way low calories, and don’t even talk to me about fat, I have none! I am 87% water yet rich in vitamin A and Potassium. My slender shape also contains Vitamin C, Thiamin, Folic Acid, and Magnesium. My oil is rich in Vitamin E. These days you could very well find me skinned and topless, but don’t worry, that gets me to the plate more quickly. Children thrive on my babies, horses love the old folks. Why, with this many colors shapes and uses, everyone will find a variety that suits them. You shouldn’t have to jump in a hole to enjoy me anymore.


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