March 23, 2017

  Market Notes
March 23, 2017


It is not the prettiest of pictures. While we had a brief reminder of what good weather in the desert can be, it lasted nary a week. Then got nasty hot and wiped out whatever remaining organics we had. Fortunately we have found some points north that are packing quality organics so we can keep supply going. Baby head lettuces are tight as our prime grower is only packing the mixed heads (BMX). Good news there is the box still has very good weights with a 4# minimum. Northern fields are coming on slowly as they were delayed by rain so the things won’t be humming until the ides.


The frozen Midwest has had a devastating effect on the first few available Ramps. We got two orders out before our supply stopped due to the frost. A few warm days and the garlicky/onion will spring up once again. We are guessing the Ramp flood gates will open in about two weeks, and then the festivals will commence. Even the few we got were nowhere near full grown. So, now that the “be the first on your block” madness is over. Prices should drop by 40% and the steady 6 week supply will begin. So until then we will just have to get by with fiddlehead ferns (western), Orchard Morel mushrooms, nettles, claytonia and chanterelles. One final note in things not spring, imported black truffles are done next week.


Quite a history this three century onion enjoys. Grown on the French coast these pink onions had their own delivery men known as “Johnnies” who sold them door to door when they crossed the river to sell them in Great Britain. A somewhat common onion throughout Europe these days but quite unique to the US market. But the history is not what makes this onion so excellent, it’s the taste, of course. The Roscoff onion has got to be a cross between an onion and shallot, an “onlott” if you will, and is the best of both worlds. Round like a small onion the Roscoff is full of flavor without the sting of a white or the super sweetness of its yellows. It has that wonderful shallot flavor but is large enough to make high end onion rings. Roscoff onions are ethereal when reduced and/or caramelized, addicting in omelets, and, of course perfect with potatoes. We now have these onions in stock on the east coast shipping in 5 kilo masters. There are 163 cases per pallets and delivery is available for national delivery out of New York. Please contact your culinary rep for details, pricing, promotions and if you’re really nice, samples.


Long a European favorite, I have grown in the forest for as long as the trees. I can grow quite large, up to six inches high, weighing close to half a pound, but usually, I’m closer to half that size, with some of my family being only a few ounces. Don’t try to cultivate my friendship; I can only be handpicked, usually summer through winter. Some say I smell woodsy and of apricot; my flavors are all exquisite, from pleasantly mild to flowery or nutty. My name refers to my entire family, but is often applied only to the most favored golden child, amongst the many colors I wear. I have a very particular shape, but don’t blow me. You’ll want me firm, plump, smooth, clean and unbroken. All of me is edible and I retain my firm texture when cooked. Enjoy me fresh or cook me with my best friends — chicken and other light meats, cream, starches and grains. You’ll love me simply simmered in butter. I also make a wonderful sauté, stuffing, sauce or side dish. Only some of us are good dried, since many of us won’t reconstitute well. Look closely and don’t confuse me with a look-alike, poisonous Jack O’Lantern in North America. I’m very low in calories, mostly protein and carbohydrates, with traces of vitamins and minerals. A Pyrenees dog breed, wildflowers, restaurants, and the first string of a violin share my name.

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