May 26, 2016

  Market Notes
May 26, 2016



It appears that we are through the muck, the gaps, the moldy product and the allocations have ended and we are back to completely filling orders. That was the good news. That was also referring to all things conventional. Organically there are still issues, rejections, and incomplete orders. Organic spring mix seems to be running smooth but the arugula, kale and spinach have a lot of problems. Field reports reveal that 3% mold one day has become 11% the next. This set back will cause havoc for the next two weeks, at least. There might be a spot of good here and there, but in a few weeks new fields will be ready that will hopefully be flawless. We remain committed to shipping product within specific standards and we will not ship if those standards are not met. Waste of everybody’s time and money to do otherwise. Updates are daily until organics are smooth.


In celebration of Memorial Day, Culinary Specialty Produce will be on Sunday schedule on Monday, May 30, 2016. This means no matter what number you call there will be a Culinary employee to speak to. We will happily take your orders on Monday but most shippers are closed, the Hunts Point and Los Angeles markets are closed, and Fed-Ex is only available for pick up, not delivery. All LA Market consolidations scheduled for Monday will occur on Tuesday. There will be no air shots from MIA or LAX on Monday. In other words everything is closed but we will be here to tell you that on Monday should you desire. We think we have covered everyone but if you are intending a late Friday order for Monday drop, make it Saturday or Tuesday. From us and ours to you and yours we wish you a safe, happy and healthy holiday weekend. Don’t forget fingerlings on the grill and Harvest Moon potatoes in the salad.


While we love to brag and brag about how great our potato programs are, sometimes there are crop problems. If this never happened, having a great crop would be nothing new and would be the norm. We regret to report that our round purple program had a very poor yield from both a quantity and quality point of view. They are very misshapen, with a lot of russeting and many cracks. I am sure we will sort out the best but this will be a tough program through November. Fortunately we have several neighbors with strong crops so we can still offer these as part of a consolidation. Unfortunately we cannot offer any ad prices on the purples this season. We do have purple fingerlings and a small harvest of Harvest Moon (purple skin/yellow flesh) and both will be available in two weeks.


Don’t leaf me out, because I’m the main event. Well, okay there is the fruit, but you can’t eat it. Maybe you will use its bumpy peel for concentrated aromatic oils in curry, or for some zest in your “jungle soup” (gkaeng bpah), but that’s it. I’m what you want! I’m the bay leaf of the Far East. I am a citrus sub-species of the family peapeda. I am a lovely dark green with a glossy sheen. My leaves (often pounded into a jelly or mixed with hot chili paste) grow in couplets, smaller on top, broader on the bottom, and range from one half inch to over three inches long. I’m not an easy pick as my growth is slow and you will fight thorny branches to reach me. In tropical Thailand my tree is a fixture in every countryside home. Often seen out on the town with lemon grass, together we create a mean dtom yam, and often we don’t get home ‘til dawn. It’s my scent that the public craves making me essential in soups, salads, curries, stir-fries, broth or stew. I am a secret ingredient in many fish dishes and I provide an excellent texture, and great presentation. Cut me into slivers to release my seriously tempting aromatic citrus flavor. The more you cut me the stronger I get, until I eventually dominate everything I surround. I also have many household uses. My uses include invigorating shampoos, insect repellents, stain removers, as well as being a tooth and gum strengthener. So if you can find me, don’t leaf me behind. Get it?

Answer To Last Week’s Quiz…LIME…Congrats To All Winners

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