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  Market Notes
October 19, 2017


Not even close to true but we figure no one is reading this. Maybe we will get lucky and someone will glance at it while waiting in the TSA line or while on line boarding. For the most part the bulk of our industry is off to the Big Easy. The PMA Summit is in New Orleans this year, and sadly we will not be attending. While avoiding all the “Look at that’s” and who said what about who and did what when and did you see their name tag and how could and why would and do you know a 24 hour lawyer, we will miss seeing our friends. The demo and booth days are behind us as we find our best work is now supporting our customers and their specialty produce needs. Our time is better spent covering your needs while you are away, then we will come and visit you outside the madness when we can focus specifically on you. So for those who do attend; have a great time, travel safe, drink safer, and please return with large orders. We’ll see you in Monterey next summer.


It’s full production everywhere. Mosca, Colorado and Edison, California are in full production. Creamers on the coast are out for a few weeks and red potatoes in Colorado are out until next week, but fingerlings, in all colors and sizes are ready to roll. Organic russets are moving faster than you can blanch a fry at. Midnight Moon, the gold with the gold on the inside, are ready to ship just in time for the holidays and mixed marble are in fine supply. Forward distribution for the east is distributing forward, and we are covering all the jumbo orders for processing. After a rough start things are looking better in potato land and we expect that trend to continue.


Asparagus have dropped tremendously and the numbers reflect one of the least expensive times of the year for imported grass. This will last for three weeks when the holiday pull begins. From jumbo to pencil all sizes available and affordable. French beans and rainbow peeled carrots are silly cheap and show no effects from the rain. But, we are not batting one thousand yet. Both snow peas and snap peas are extremely expensive due to quality issues. So stick with the grass and the beans. Please check with your culinary rep for truck, air or FOB availability.


Simply put, I am the most disgusting smelling fruit in the world! Originating in Malaysia or Borneo I made it to Southeast Asia in the prehistoric age. As one of the longest established inhabitants of the Southeast Asia rain forests, I have been stinking for millions of years. In Hong Kong and Singapore my odor is so bad I am banned from being eaten in public, and banned from carriage on public transport. If I’m in town, you’ll know! We become suicidal when ripe, up to 11 pounds of smelly spiked fruit plummeting to earth from our tree that can be anywhere from 65 to 130 feet tall, so step aside when we are overhead. My spiked hard shell attracts tigers when split, and yes we have been known to kill. Once opened I reveal five to six sections of fruit separated by an inedible white membrane. If you can get past my perfume, I offer rich butter-like custard, flavored with almonds. In each section of our pulp you will discover 4 to 6 shiny edible seeds that can be roasted or baked and eaten like nuts. In some cultures I am buried and allowed to ferment before consumption. I am often mixed with rice and sugar as “lempog”, or made into sugar or salted preserves. You can sometimes find me in ice creams or milkshakes. We are starchy fruits that contain a limited amount of fat and provide good sources of potassium and vitamin C. Despite our unspeakable sewage-like smell we are considered an aphrodisiac.

Answer To Last Week’s Quiz…CHERIMOYA…Congrats To All Winners

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