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  Market Notes
August 17, 2017


Our harvest from California has been put off for a week. The potatoes we had hoped to dig this Monday are now going to be dug on Friday. The skins have not firmed up enough to be dug. Recently we have been experiencing a lot of damage from skinning potatoes and we are trying to get past that so it is better to wait. Rain continues to cover the Midwest so our Michigan crop is harvesting very slowly, barely enough to make running worthwhile. We are being promised that harvest and packing will increase next week. This will slow down our forward distribution on the east coast. That leaves Colorado, which fortunately has come through. We are expecting new crop to be run at our Edison facility in California on Monday and can begin shipping from this hub Monday. We will receive enough product to cover us until the California product is dug at weeks end. Save unforeseen tragedies, we really should be out of the woods from Monday on. In future news our prime grower in the San Luis Valley of Colorado has killed his plants and plans to begin digging late next week. These fingerings will be stored for a month and allowed to sweat while their skins firm up. They are on schedule to begin shipping in early October when we will provide a full list of the San Luis Valley Harvest. Early reports on both California and Colorado indicate very good quality.


Things are rapidly getting normal in the Salinas Valley and points south. The warm days and cool nights that this area is known for have returned and the baby greens are responding accordingly. This creates a slew of good things. No more allocations, no more trucks waiting for hours and best of all, from this point forward no more price increases. We are going back to prices prior to the first increase. This also means that product is looking great again, no more tired, wilty greens. There is one remaining issue that is still going to take a few weeks to resolve, and that’s baby heads. It will still be a few weeks before we can confidently offer much other than the BMX. Other than that it’s game on so bring it!


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