November 5, 2015

  Market Notes
  November 5, 2015



The winter citrus season has begun. We are working with some new growers this season so the menu has changed a bit. The area we select from is one that has been hit hard by the drought and we have to use numerous growers to be able to have some offerings. Starting with the sours which are prime this time of the year there is Yuzu Lemon, Sudachi Lemon, Keiffer Lime, Calimondin and of course Finger Limes. For décor we are at peak season on Buddha’s Hands and Etrog’s. Finishing the sour category with the not so sour we offer Meyer Lemon and the super healthy Sweet Lime. On the sweet side we have begun the Satsuma Mandarin with stem and leaf or bald. We also have smaller Satsuma’s that are comparable to Clementine’s in size. More sweet offerings will appear as the season progresses. The products can be complied as mixed pallets and are offered FOB or consolidated at your favorite dock in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Please contact your Culinary rep for prices and details.


So we told you all about the M’s. There will be baked there will be sauté. We will also have a vast array of other specialty products to amaze the eye and palate. From cool herbs and interesting tomatoes to amazing fruits and roots we provide produce eye candy. Basically we get the best of from every grower we support, throw it all up in the air and no matter how it lands it looks good. That’s the advantage of super fresh specialty produce, it can’t look bad. But what we have not spoken about is us. The entire staff of Culinary Specialty Produce will be in attendance. So other than seeing our smiling faces if you would like to sit down and chat for a bit about receiving product from us we can arrange for a time to meet. Other than Richard, we are allowed outside of the booth so we would be happy to find a table to chat about your particular needs. For new customers and new programs to our old friends to review it would be wonderful to chat one on one. Please contact us in advance to set an exclusive time for our attention to you.


While summer has officially ended the occasional heat waves confuse the winter crops. Carrots are just not quite sure if they are ready or not. We do have new crop of beets and we should have a great supply of winter sweet carrots next week. Baby fennel is around the corner and domestic artichokes should improve in volume next week as new crop comes on. Turnips and radishes are a bit further down the road, we are thinking two weeks before good volume. Winter green production is set to make the southern exposure move from Salinas to Yuma starting next week and most processors will be in Yuma production well before Thanksgiving. That’s a bit early but this year with the late holiday, maybe that makes more sense.


I’m part of a big family, so you may have trouble picking me out from the group. I’m one of the oldest members of the clan, all the way from the ancient Greeks and Romans. I’m proud of my heritage and that I arrived aboard the slave ships with those who know how to treat me the best. My young tender leaves are blue green and prime; the rest of my greens can go to your iguana, but neither of you will want my long stalk. I’m incredibly prolific – lots of greens from very few plants. As I grow, if you are kind, you can harvest my outer leaves and I’ll keep growing from the inside out for my entire season. Or if you’re one of those commercial farmers, you’ll wait till I crown, and then lop off my non-head all at once. You see, I’m a soul man . . . I’m smooth and young and I just need a good bath, then when you heat me up nice and long and slow, I’m succulent. Cozy up with me and let my aroma take you down to the pleasures of the south. Shred my leathery leaves; couple me with some hocks, then serve me up with black-eyed peas. My smooth, thick, tender leaves are hearty enough to replace meat – Brazil’s feijoada would not be complete without me. Prepare me with vinegar to get the best flavor. Full of potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins A and C, I’m a rich guy for the cool season — you’ll find me year round, but I’m mostly seen December to April.


Answer To Last Quiz….BEET……Congrats To All Winners
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