September 13, 2018

  Market Notes
September 13, 2018

All is good in potato land. On the coast out late summer harvest has begun and the product is looking great. We also have enough projected volume to cover until our next harvest (about 3-4 weeks) begins. This gives us a perfect transition without having to fill in from northern Colorado. We have jumbos, minis and colors but are out of organics until October. We have an overflow of beautiful Peruvian Purple fingerlings and are looking to make a one shot volume deal. Please make offers. In Colorado we have begun packing in the valley and this product is looking excellent. Along with all the conventional fingerlings we have a full complement of organic potatoes including, russets, fingerlings, yellows, red, and in two weeks purples. We are still looking for a home for our small crop of amazing Harvest Moon potatoes. Our sample packs are going out next week. Call if you want a sample pack.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the coastal residents from Virginia south through Georgia. The next three days are going to be hell, but the country could not be more prepared. Many of the surprises have been minimized, and for those who stay, it is their choice, no one will be stuck. We hope there will be no damage and certainly no loss of life, but the former we are told is inevitable. While it appears that there will be the quickest recovery possible, it will still take time to get folks back in their homes. On the produce side sweet potato farmers are rushing to harvest, avoiding the damage caused by flood. Much to our surprise, at least at this point, Florida trucks are on for the I95 run and Sunday/Monday deliveries. That may change or be delayed while Monday runs are unknown at this point. We look forward to a sunny Monday, little damage and everyone safe at home.
Passion Fruit is now available from a small domestic grower out of San Diego. While the prime, unwrinkled perfect flats weigh about four pounds and sell in the high forties, we have a great deal for the best fruit. This same grower packs a slightly wrinkled number two fruit in a ten pound box for less than half the price. That’s worth saying again. Two and a half times the product for less than half the price. Product loads FOB San Diego or FOB LA. If you service any juice bars this is the deal of the year. As the deal winds down in four months the number two’s can have mold or soft spots. When the season just begins like now, this is the best passion fruit deal of the year. Call for details.

It happened one night not too long ago when two strangers crossed a couple of acres and started a new family. He’d seen her once from afar, but when he stole that second stare, it was enough to rock him to his stem and he knew then that this was meant to be. How could there be another creature so beautiful? And how could she be this beautiful and green? Green! Yes, green, and ooh, what a tan! He wasn’t even supposed to talk about “THEM”, much less fantasize. His whole life he been taught yellow was the way and never to stray. He decided then and there this was not what he had been planted to do. But then he saw her looking, looking right at him. Her scalloped edges shone, her small soft body was round and plump. She was prime. Then, in the blink of an eye, it happened. She twirled around on her stem, spun straight up to glow radiantly in the sun, slid down her vine and landed on the soft dirt, right in front of him! He looked around both startled and nervous, for surely someone else had seen this gorgeous acrobatic feat. A short time passed and no one seemed to notice. They were safe! They were alone! It was now or never! So with his entire fiber, with every A, every C vitamin and mineral he possessed, with his stem strong and firm, he surged forward. Their seeds met and it was magic, art, fireworks, mosaic actually. Hence my birth, a culinary delight with edible skin and soft seeds, a new baby to the culinary world.


Answer To Last Week’s Quiz:…WATERMELON…Congrats To All Winners

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