September 6, 2018

  Market Notes
September 6, 2018


Everything is new. On the west coast we begin packing new crop from our fields in Tehachapi tomorrow which includes yellow, red and purple fingerlings. This refreshes the supply just in time so there looks like we will not have a late summer gap this year. Happy customers, happy grower, broker heaven! In Colorado we are starting our Harvest from the San Luis Valley and other than purples we have a full complement of organic and conventional potatoes. We are now shipping organic russets, reds, yellows and fingerlings in totes, foodservice and retail packaging. This is new crop before the sweats so they are truly “new potatoes”. Our conventional fingerling program has begun from this area so within a week or so, as promised, price will drop a bit now that we do not have the additional trucking costs. Also, as mentioned last week, sample packs of 2# Harvest Moon potatoes will ship out next week.


Our California office is located in Corralitos, a weird shaped area between Aptos and Watsonville. We are in Ag country here but while most produce junkies think of strawberries when referring to this area the truth is this was and to a large part still is apple country. This is Martinelli’s base for their famous sparkling cider and we even have a half dozen heirloom apple trees on our property. We were recently able to provide one of our customers some Gravenstein apples from one of these local orchards. We learned from this grower about a new apple variety called Red Delicious. This may sound familiar to an apple that is bland and mealy, but not these. They are crispy with brix levels as high as 15%. They begin harvest next week and if you think we are crazy, let us prove you wrong. These are fabulous, shiny, crispy, sweet apples with a bad reputation name. Go ahead, prove us wrong.


Paw paws are now available for shipping. This is a delicate fruit that ripens like a banana. The softer it gets the sweeter it gets. We have dealt with many excellent growers but few were able to ship their product in a fashion that ensures good receiving. We have found a grower that will do just that. If Andy’s grew paw paws this is what he would grow and how he would pack. Paw paws are individually packed in foam lined 10# boxes. Three flats are strapped together for shipping. FOB, Fed-ex, and airport drop off is available. This is a very prices product but the quality and packaging makes it suitable for retail and food service. Call for details and amazing history.


I am a fruity member of the cucumber family. My old soul originates from the depths of Africa. In fact, I have been cultivated and consumed since well before 2000 BC. My marbled skin is thick and rich in color. I am sweet and crisp and my flesh can be vibrant red, pale pink or golden yellow. My fifty plus varieties differ vastly in weight, size and shape. The “Roundies” are the lightweights of the family, while the “Grand Oblongs” are plumper, sometimes weighing over 100 pounds. You should see them run! In certain regions my skin is pickled, candied or fried, but mostly our exteriors are found slurped, moon shaped, ragged and discarded. Our smooth little black seeds might well be the original ammunition of food fights. These prominent sliders are spat, spewed or swallowed. Our newer generations are showing up with no seeds and now there is even a new square shape available. As in most families, the youth do not appreciate or respect the traditions their prior generations fought so hard to maintain. If you are spending time in the desert, I’m the companion you’ll want to bring along, just make sure you are prepared for my diuretic effects. I am also a good source of vitamin C and potassium.


Answer To Last Week’s Quiz:…AMARANTH…Congrats To All Winners

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