September 7, 2017

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September 7, 2017


No matter what you think about climate change or saving the earth, we should realize that weather is getting more severe. Being a company based in the Mid-Atlantic States we, like any other areas, are subject to coastal effects from storms. For decades we hunkered down and survived the deluge, mocking those who ran. In this new climate that old perception could be very dangerous. If we accept that weather is more severe then we must also accept the potential for evacuation is severe as well. Don’t take chances, don’t get trapped. The reports of Irma aren’t false and the countries resources are low. We are praying for all our friends in the path of Irma. From Key West through the Carolina’s, the swath could be huge. Please act accordingly. From a produce point of view, there is none. Most businesses, rightfully so, will not be open past noon if at all. Airports are closed. Trucks are not running unless it’s for high ground and evacuation routes are packed causing gridlock. Fuel shortages and price gouging are prominent. Nothing would be better than a sharp right turn but that is not likely. Our prayers are also with the peoples of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands. We hopefully will be able to report great news come Monday. Stay safe everybody, and look to help those in need.


When it rains it pours, or so it seems this year. It did, indeed, pour this year and when the sun was out it burnt the earth. So severe was the damage that our east coast fingerling potato forward distribution program was all but shut down for the past ten days. The limited product we did have lacked any real quality. We are pleased to report that as of next Tuesday we are back in town. Full loads of new product from California followed up with new product from Colorado. No skinning, no ryzoc, no bruising and no exploding lenticels. Now that we have volume prices will be down as well. Along with the Russian Banana we will also be able to deliver three colors of fingerlings, three colors of rounds, assortments, retail packaging and the still trying to be famous Harvest Moon, the greatest thing since air. For delivery of the Russia Banana you don’t have to call us, we’ll be calling you. For specialty varieties, please check with your culinary rep for the next load.


I am never alone. Wanting to be pure and simple my whole life, but it was just not meant to be. I guess my first association was Greek. Then I went wild and since then I have been associated with Italians, Mexicans, golden showy, beautiful, wooly white, and happy hills. While I might be as old as the hills, that flavor won’t make you happy unless you want something scentless, tasteless and green. Keep that in your medicine cabinet to make poultices help with your everyday scorpion bites, sore muscles, and hair loss. The Greeks and the Romans discovered me first and I was considered a medicine by many, including Pliny and Dioscorides. Then the colonists brought me to America for their gardens, but I escaped, becoming wild once again. Free in the new land, I searched for good ground. Along the way I meet and fell in love with the tomato, a relationship that has been nurtured ever since. I also flirted a lot with zucchini, and was often the toast of the cucina. Then I met my sister (so they tell me) Marge and the confusion began again. Will it be her green leaves or my white flowers? Coarse rigini from Greece, or dried for a sprinkle? Her sweet oil, or my intense concentrated oil? Did you know it takes 200 pound of my leaves to produce a single pound of my oil? Anyway, no matter what I end up being called, I am essential in pizza, pasta, and many chili powders. I am popular in blossom, in fresh green leaf, or dried. I am often used as a healing tea. My nutrients include calcium, potassium, vitamin A, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. Don’t carry me in a baggie or you’ll be suspect.

Answer To Last Week’s Quiz…CREMINI MUSHROOM…Congrats To All Winners
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