Dec. 17, 2020

  Market Notes Dec. 17, 2020


                        I’ll stay home for Christmas                   Don’t go out on New Year’s

                        Stay away please, please                         Watch it on TV

                        Please don’t show                                    Please Skype or Zoom

                        With family in tow                                  In an empty room

                        And kids that cough and sneeze             And party with your tree


                       Please stay home for Christmas              Let’s all come together

                       We’re  begging on our knees                    Make America virus free

                       The overflow                                           Young and old

                       In hospitals grow                                    Can all behold

                       Throughout towns and cities                   How caring we can be



                       Soon this will be over                             Masks and distance save us

            Vaccines for one and all                         Our American family

  One quick shot                                       If we all chip in

And the virus will not                            We all will win

                                                                                         Mean anything at all                              And make this season merry


From us and ours to you and yours wishing you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season

Market notes will be on vacation on 12-24-2020 and will return on 12-31-2020 with the 2020 top ten

The produce quiz will be out for two weeks, returning on Thursday, January 7, 2021


The answer to last weeks quiz is AVACADO Congrats to all winners

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