April 15th, 2021

  Market Notes April 15th, 2021



Ramp mania is just about at peak.  This means that the ramp fields we are harvesting from are at peak and the product is arriving at packing stations as fast as we can pack them. We do not pick the field with smaller ramps.  We let them mature to assure volume for future seasons. If there is such a thing as a sustainable wild foraged program, this is it. Now would be the time to negotiate for volume discounts or ad prices. Ramps are delivered next day air via UPS or Fed-Ex or flown via commercial airlines. They are pre-cleaned and shipped with the roots on to increase shelf life. In most cases they will last 7 to 10 days. The bulbs can be frozen for up to six months if removed from the fronds. The next two weeks will be everything ramp, then you will wonder where they went. Everybody will want them once they are gone.  Funny how that works.  


   While some box programs are ending some are starting up again. Some are city that have to get used by the end of the fiscal year.  Some are state in cooperation with the USDA.  Some are national related to pandemic emergencies, and some are local through benefactors. The latest and greatest for us is the new 5# vegetable box containing no more than 3 pounds of root vegetables. While Culinary is in no position to supply the whole box, we can certainly do our part. We can pack russets, rounds and fingerlings in 2- or 3-pound bags. But the root goes on! We can also provide carrots in 2, 3 or 5# bags.  And let us not forget the super nutritious yams that are also available in food box appropriate packing.  We also offer food box appropriate pricing.  Check with your Culinary rep for deals for meals on wheels.


What is usually considered the busiest restaurant day of the year will most likely be a combination of sit down, take out and grocery store prepared meals. In this recovery trend the celebration is going to be tremendous no matter where or how it is to be celebrated. Great food will be a focal point as we try to keep moms out of the kitchen for a day and we are ready with great tasting produce that’s doesn’t require a mother’s touch. Organic Valencia oranges for breakfast, Shishito peppers roasted with oil salt and pepper for lunch and pasta with truffles and ramps for dinner. We also have the edible roses, watermelon radishes, micro greens, harvest moon potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, baby lettuces and chanterelles for a simple sauté in butter. Make it easy, make it great with Culinary on your plate.


    A native of the New World, I was introduced to Europe at the beginning of the sixteenth century and am now also naturalized in parts of the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, and Australia.  My plant produces a fruit and me, a vegetable.  You may call me by my Spanish name, but I am usually sold under a botanically incorrect term, as I am actually the tender oval pads or new growth joints of my plant’s stem.  I’m crisp, with slipperiness like okra and a flavor like green pepper, string beans and asparagus, with a tangy edge. I’m around from early spring to late fall, but I peak in mid-spring.  Buy me bright and firm, and then remove any prickers or eyes before you chop, dice or slice me.  Serve me raw or cooked — steam, sauté, or add me to soup or stew.  My plant was named the state fruit/vegetable by Texas in 1995 and I’m a favorite food of the kangaroo rat. Acitrones are me, candied, packed in sugar syrup, and available in cans or jars. I have large amounts of vitamins A and C, as well as B and iron and my mucilage is valued by the cosmetics and medical industries.  You used to have to go “South of the border, down Mexico way . . .” as an old song says, to enjoy these.  

The answer to last weeks quiz was..ANGELICA…Congrats to all winners

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