April 16, 2015

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  April 16, 2015

There is a lot of motion in potato world. There has been A LOT of product floating around out there from numerous growing regions. Things are now changing quickly enough to warrant a full update on what is ending and what is beginning and when. First, things are beginning to wind down in Colorado. Product is still looking great and will be available for maybe the next thirty days. Wisconsin product is dwindling rapidly and should be done very, very soon. Florida product is looking solid and should continue to do so for the next thirty to sixty days. Following that, their season will wind down rapidly.   Now that we have discussed the ending of growing seasons, it’s time to discuss where things are coming on!! Our esteemed Central California tater grower is just now starting to see product and we are extremely pleased with how things are looking. Already available are New Crop Yellow Fingerlings in both Conventional and Organic. Organic Colored Fingerlings will begin to come on around the first of May. Beautiful Organic Red Rounds are available now, while Conventionally grown Reds will be available beginning early in May. Conventional and Organic Yellow Rounds are available now and all reports are that the product is very nice. Conventional White Rounds are also available now.   Stay tuned for further One Stop Shopping Updates because starting at the end of May we will have Organic Russets followed by Conventionally grown Russets around the second week of June. We will keep you all posted as things continue to develop!! If you would like your own personal schedule check with your Culinary Rep.

amps are officially at peak of production. The fact that they came on so fast was a bit of a surprise. We forage in four major areas over what is usually a twelve week period. Starting in West Virginia , through Ohio, then lower Michigan and finally the Michigan upper peninsula. As it looks now we will begin the upper peninsula in a week or two. This all translates into a short season. We think the twelve weeks season will be reduced by one third, making it an eight week season. Shortly after the Eastern Fiddleheads begin the ramps will be nothing more than bulbs. So the next three weeks are peak picking and should be peak promotion as well. Now is the prime time to jump into these feral greens for salads, steaks, stir-fry’s, or anything else that would enjoy the garlicky onion flavor of Ramps. Truck deliver for large orders are available, while overnight shipping and airport to airport happen daily.

s the fruit of the Swiss Cheese plant, but I don’t go well with ham. I am a member of the Arum Lily family. My large beautiful sturdy leaves make me a very suitable houseplant. Originally from Mexico (called Mexican Breadfruit, later known as the shingle plant) my survival techniques have allowed me to thrive around the world. We are very complicated to eat, but worth it. I will not ripen evenly! The green scales of my almost foot long lizard tail shaped body will loosen to expose my off-white colored, banana/mango/pineapple flavored spadix. When unripe, my oxalic acid and sharp calcium oxalate crystals will irritate and often numb the membranes of your mouth, tongue, and throat. Not to worry, you will only FEEL like you can’t breathe. To avoid this breathless possibility I am often wrapped in plastic so I will ripen more quickly and evenly. Excellent in fruit salads or eaten out of hand, I am also stunning in a cornucopia or fruit display.

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