April 1st, 2021

  Market Notes April 1st, 2021



The Truffle tree has arrived!  Thanks to the Sporemore Group who has developed a bonsai Dwarf Oak and bonsai Beech trees with fully developed root systems in order to rapidly propagate the growth of this planet’s most prized fungus.  Sporemore, located just south of Bordeaux, has put together the entire bio system to produce over 23 kilos of Black Perigord or White Alba Truffles per year with their largest set-up. This is more than just a tree. While the root system may or may not have some lingering spores, this process is precise and tested. The kit can be ordered with 3, 5 or 7 trees. Space required is anywhere from 6×12 feet to 15×30 feet, depending on how many trees/truffles you want.  All units stand 5.5 feet tall.  The tree actually arrives planted in the soil from the selected area (Italy or France) along with bags of geographically correct soil, and much more.  Instructions are included as to how to layer the soil, making it properly porous along with detailed and easy to follow instructions for the entire process from tree to truffle.  Additional supplies can be ordered as needed.       These soils contain all the micro nutrients and life cycles of the soil in the areas in Europe where they were originally foraged. Then, through treated and properly applied water, proper light spectrum fixtures and applied wind, the forests of France or Italy are recreated.  These processes can be adjusted by hand or there is controller that takes care of it all. At the proper time which will be indicated, the female truffle fly is introduced to the contained environment and they sit on top of the ground where the truffle is developing. Then, as the ground cracks from the growth of the truffle, the truffle flies lay eggs in the open soil and spread spores to the leaves of the trees above. As the leaves die and fall to the ground, they deliver the spores back to the soil and the entire process begins again.  Sporemore says this process can be completed three times a year, with yields steadily increasing if conditions are well maintained.     Culinary Specialty Produce is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for Sporemore Truffle Trees and Propagation Systems, and we would love to share this exciting new process to wholesalers, supermarkets, and greenhouse operations. Distribution will begin in September of 2021.  Pricing available on request (and discussion). Corporate support is also available both on-line and occasionally in person.  Please contact your Culinary rep for details on how you can offer fresh truffles grown in Austin, Pittsburgh, Reading, Irvine, Linden,   Fargo, Orlando, Omaha, Larchmont or Sonoma, to name a few.      


Originally from Malaysia, I grow in clusters on a small evergreen tree.  While several of my relatives have smooth or moderately bumpy skin, I am wild, out of control.  Maybe that way you’ll leave me alone.  But no such luck for me. Though I try to portray a hedgehog to discourage you I am plucked from my family. My yellowish-brown shell is split open to reveal a white translucent pulp.  I even grow a seed in my center in hopes of being passed by but to no avail.  You just cannot seem to get enough of my super sweet flesh.  Some of my relatives have developed the ability to be sour or acidic but you still just pluck, pluck, and pluck.  Only two inches in diameter you would think they would leave us alone.  Some folks get fancy.  They cut off only my top half and serve me like an egg in a cup.  Usually eaten out of hand, I am also a great component of a fruit salad.  Other uses include canned in syrup, used in stuffing’, or cooked alongside of vegetables or meat.  I am rich in vitamin C and a good source of iron and potassium.  In my feeling, we are best left alone to multiply, but you don’t seem to agree so there are not many of us around.    

The answer to last weeks quiz was…SUGAR CANE…Congrats to all winners

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