April 25, 2019

  Market Notes
April 25, 2019




After a past season of fire destruction the citrus trees in the Ojai Valley have bounced back and they are
flourishing with gorgeous fruit. A ten week program that is currently at peak of production the Ojai Pixie
tangerine, often the best of the season, is no let down this year. The flavor of this super sweet zipper skin citrus
has two distinguishing components that make this citrus a candy in disguise. First is the high brix of the fruit
creates a natural sweetness. Second, and unlike many other high brix citrus, the Ojai Pixie tangerine is very low
acid, increasing its sweet attributes. There is not as much complexity of flavor but it is a favorite with kids, in
desserts, fruit compotes or dipped in chocolate. Packed in 25# lugs Ojai Pixie tangerines will be available through
late May.


This is peak! The only thing missing are domestic chanterelle mushrooms. Everything else is flourishing. Ramps
are at peak of production. Best volume and prices are now. Domestic morel mushrooms are available in all colors
and sizes both domestic and imported. Domestic black truffles are available on a close to steady basis. Claytonia
(miner’s lettuce) is full size and abundant. Nettles are everywhere, fiddlehead ferns available from both coasts and
spring garlic is falling from the sky. Wild, mustard, watercress and fennel, are keeping the hills alive and many of
the bees are back. This week and next week will provide the largest selection and volume of the spring forage. As
the dwindling begins, we will report that as well. Paw Paw’s coming soon. It’s OK to start salivating now, we won’t
tell anyone.


Fingerling potatoes movement is brisk. Colorado crop is winding down while California harvest is gearing up. No
service interruption is expected. Organic russet quality is improving as storage lockers with different variety are
accessible White creamers, which have been out for the last two weeks, will be available by the first of the month
out of Edison, CA. Pee Wee potatoes have become limited and will remain that way until new harvest in late August.
Marble potatoes, including, purple should be available by the middle of May. Fingerling potato assortment is no
longer available from Colorado until mid-August. California product will be used to fill in gap. New creamer crop (all
colors) expected in California by mid-May.

I am a native of southwestern Africa representing the cucumber family. Introduced to New Zealand in 1930
and cultivated there for decorative purposes, my popularity began to rise. I am about four inches long, two inches
wide and weigh between one half pound and one pound. I have a spiky, brilliant, gold/orange skin with emerald
green flesh and edible seeds. I offer up a unique combination of banana, watermelon, mango, pineapple, and
cucumber flavors. Often my insides are aborted and my stunning shell is halved and used as a vessel for salads,
slaws, or desserts. Sometimes just my top is lopped off, again my innards are gutted and I become a glass for
exotic drinks. My strained liquid is an excellent substitute for vinegar, or with a bit of added sugar a great thirst
quencher. My pulp is often added to sauces, soups, salads, sorbet, yogurts, or just eaten out of hand. I am rich in
vitamin C and I also contain iron and potassium. Mostly I’m just really cool to look at and I don’t bite.

Answer to last weeks quiz..ACRON SQUASH…Congratulations to all winners!

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