April 29th, 2021

  Market Notes April 29th, 2021



So, it snowed in West Virginia and Southern Ohio last weekend. Snow in the third week of April is unusual but, it happens.  To say our ramps are on ice would not be totally inaccurate. Since the storm, weather has warmed up and there have been a few days of rain.  While this makes for slushy harvesting, we have ceased all picking for this week to let the fields recover. Exuberant growth should follow. The orders we cancelled this week should be right on track for delivery next week. We can only access any damage when fields are clear and the allium fronds can be examined.  We are not expecting too much loss of crop but the pickers will probably go into overdrive. We expect next week to be the largest amount of ramps ever picked in a week, but who knows maybe it will snow again. We will hold off on the sustainability blurb until next week.  


   The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has authorized a International Roadcheck for May 4 to May 6 Its intent is to “keep our roadways safer” and it achieves this because about 30% of the nation’s truckers simply stay off the road. So increased inspections and lots of fines are the order of those two days. Next, we have Mother’s Day. Trucks from Florida and California will be loaded with fresh cut flowers reducing the supply even further. The Department of Transportation released truck availability by region ranging from surplus to shortage. Currently they are showing 10 of 23 regions with shortages.  A fill rate in a shortage is when you are showing 8 loads for one truck. Currently in these shortage areas the rate is 19 to one. And yes, San Luis Valley and Bakersfield along with Salinas and Oxnard are in there.  And let’s not forget central and southern Florida shortage as well. All indications are that this will not drop off after Mother’s Day and will last through the summer.  Suffice it say, prices will continue to rise.


Aside from frozen ground and transportation woes, pre-holiday activity appears to be huge. More restaurants are opening, weather continues to encourage folks getting out, recreational activities are resuming while resort and airline reservations are jumping up at breakaway rates. If all goes well with virus control Mother’s Day could well spark a jump in this country’s social activity.  This could grow right into July 4th and a great summer season. Mask wearing will slowly disappear and we will be able to enjoy our new normal.  More shots would be good too. To all mother’s;Make ‘em take you out!


    I am not a plum!  I am not an apricot!  I am certainly not a peach!  My great grandfather is an Aprium but you can’t find him anymore.  I am definitely a novel fruit.  My tree is a Dandy and I am pretty exclusive to California.  As an interspecific variety I am one of several varieties which contain some of this or a little of that. I am a little more of this and a little less of that.  Unless you wear an apron or bib you will definitely have to change your shirt once I’ve been consumed.  Yes, I am very juicy, but flavorful as well!  I have one pit in my center, surrounded by golden yellow or deep dark red flesh.  My skin is usually dark and often spotted.  Although my shape and appearance make me look like an egg, I have absolutely nothing to do with dinosaurs or prehistoric times.  My season begins in early June and runs through the summer into early fall.  My popularity is continuing to grow, as are my groves.  Best eaten out of hand, I also make a great juice, preserve, pudding, or tart.  Find me this summer.  Take off your shirt and bite me.  I’m worth it      

The answer to last weeks quiz was..CATTAIL SHOOTS…Congrats to all winners

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