April 30, 2020

  Market Notes
April 30, 2020


    So the box thing did not go the way we had planned. Primary reason being is that we are a buying broker and work direct with growers. That limits our ability to provide variety at a single location. While we can work with growers to pack in end-user sizes we can’t combine the basil from Hawaii with the potatoes from Colorado or ramps from Michigan. Add to that the cost of overnight delivery then doorstep delivery and value is just not there. So we will continue supporting our wholesalers and distributors by offering potatoes in 3#, 5# and 10# bags.  We are offering mesclun, baby spinach, baby arugula and baby kale in 10 ounce bags, 12 in a case we can mix and match. When Morels appear again after the dry spell, we can package them half pound mesh bags.  We can mix boxes of baby tomatoes, baby squashes, and baby root vegetables all to add to the latest produce product the consumer produce box. We also have a lot of options for those providing food boxes to the homeless and hungry. We have found our place in the temporary new normal and once again we are outside on the box.



      In addition to the edible roses that you must have, we offer edible nasturtium, hibiscus, pansies, violas, assortments and confetti’s that make any dish or table instantly stunning.  Combine these with your favorite salad or check out some easy to ship micro greens. Along with the micro vegetables, there are firesticks for height and color, micro amaranth for breathtaking red and green contrast and even a micro confetti with a combination of twenty different herbs and greens.  All these items are available at one shipping location and make for a very easy and affordable overnight shipment. If there is such a thing as busy anymore next week would normally be crazy as Mother’s Day is the busiest restaurant day of the year.  So, maybe this year it will be the busiest carry-out day of the year.  Whether for catered preparation, couples, or families, these specialty greens, herbs, and flowers will make a tough holiday spectacular any very easy on mom.



       I am a member of the nut family. I am native to Southeast Asia and the Melanesian Islands in the Pacific Ocean.  I am the year-round king of tropical and subtropical regions.  I have a thick, hard skin whose color ranges from green to brown depending on my level of maturity.  At any stage my tough brown fibers tousled around my shell give me a constant 5:00 shadow.  In Sanskrit I am referred to as kapla vriksha I which means, “tree which gives all that is necessary for living”.  They were correct, as even today I am totally useful.  Carpenters use the wood of my palm while my strong fibrous leaves are used to make rope, baskets and fabric. Crack me open to reveal my crisp white meat and belly full of liquid.  My meat is rich popular tasting accompaniment to shell fish dishes, cookies, pies, cakes, custards, and candy.  My liquid, when not drunk directly from my shell is used in sauces, curries, puddings and other desserts.  I am also famous for my “milk” which is created by pouring boiling water over my grated meat, leaving it to cool and then straining.  As you read this I probably surround you if not actually on you directly through the use of your soap or fragrance.  I contain a considerable amount of saturated fat, a moderate amount of fiber, and scarce amounts of protein, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and copper.   Finally though mostly thought of as a nut, I am actually a drupe, meaning a fruit with a hard stone.  Well, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes, you drupe!


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