April 7th, 2022

  Market Notes April 7th, 2022



   So, Mother Nature surprised us with a final blast of cold and snow in the mid-west, also know as ramp country. So we are back to trickling in every day.  Since the storm the weather has been lovely and we are depending on good volumes for this coming week. In other foraged news, domestic morel mushrooms are expected to fruit in about two weeks and domestic porcinis will begin harvest in early May.  On the non-foraged side, we have imported cauliflower mushroom and cordyceps available as well.


    We predicted it and it’s here.  There is a huge shortage on yellow fingerlings.  This follows the huge shortage on purple and red fingerlings. This is a result of reduced plantings, crop failures, and increased demand. The limited product that is available is up about 30% in price. While it is storage product, packers and re-packers sorting hard and putting up a respectable pack, hence the price. Our commitment has been to have product no matter what, and we do. Our prices have soared like an eagle, dropped like a stone,  and now are poised to go up a little bit again.  After over 25 years of steady pricing, we are going yo-yo.  But there is help on the way.  From what we know there are at least three growers coming on with new crop in the final weeks of April, so by mid-May at the latest we should see good supply of new crop and steady pricing.  More harvests begin in late May and then again early July.  This should hold us until Colorado harvest in September.  If that does not work for you we do have one other option.  Perhaps now is the time to try…….


  While they are not USDA regulated, fingerlings are traded in 3  basic size categories. The standard and most in demand are the 2 inch to 4 inch fingerlings.  There is also a large market for pee-wee fingerlings which are sized at 2 inches and under. Then there are the jumbo fingerlings with sizing from 4 inches to 6 inches. We won’t get into the mutant potato torpedoes.  One of our premier growers in central California has an excess of yellow jumbo fingerlings that are in great condition. The really great news is that these 4 inch to 6 inch fingerlings are less than half the price of the current fingerlings market.  It is a huge value for the same wonderful flavor and shape. Please contact your Culinary rep for details and stupid good deals.


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