Aug 13, 2020

  Market Notes Aug 13, 2020



Like chili pepper development out of University of New Mexico, potato development out of Colorado State, or citrus development out of UC Davis, North Carolina State is a center for sweet potato development.  North Carolina growers regularly test various cultivars of new sweet potato varieties. While as many as 100 new varieties might be tested every year, few if any ever make the cut.  Well, this season (or end of season) we found a hit. The potato with no name has not been through the desert but has been tested for disease, shelf life, and flavor. No name graded well on all three, especially flavor. This purple sweet potato with a dark magenta flesh has gotten rave reviews from culinarians, and has been compared to the famous Stokes Purple sweet potato that is offered exclusively by one of our competitors. From the marketing point of view this potato is an infant. No mesh bag, no fancy label, no retail promotion. We can sticker each potato to get through the front end though it may only scan as a number.  The sweet potato is US#1 and comes in 40 pound boxes with 50 cases per pallet. Size varies from 6 ounce to 16 ounce and refined sizing can be achieved on request. If you don’t want to load FOB in Creswell, North Carolina, for two pallets or more of the NC-P13-0005 we can arrange delivery almost anywhere on the east coast and can consolidate for points west.  So “get out of the rain” and give us a call for delivered pricing or photos.  


It’s called Vita-Power Mix and it is a nice alternative mix to what has been a pretty standard mesclun category. The recipe change is pretty simple, 80% standard spring mix components and 20% Salad Savoy (flowering kale). The Salad Savoy in the mix is only using leaves that are 2 inches long so it blend well with the other greens. The leaf color definitely adds a bust of pink and purple to the mix and along with all the never ending advantages of kale really looks good.  The grower is offering a 2 week promotion on the 3# case and either way it will be right in line with other salad green mixes. Initial offerings have sold out, so this might be the sleeper of the summer.  Please contact your Culinary Rep for orders, or photos.  


    It is with a very heavy heart we report the closing of Scarborough Farms, another economical victim of the Covid 19 virus. Scarborough Farms serviced the country as well as the local Los Angeles market, and the change in wholesale distribution and food-service made it economically impossible for them to continue.  With the closing of Scarborough Farms we lose the finest frisee grown in the country. From the circus variety to the beautiful blanched full heads, it was the best in the land. The staff and their full line of specialty product will be sorely missed and we can only hope they will resurface as a new specialty farm.  We wish them all the best and thank them for over 20 years of service and dedication to the industry.  
    In American style mustard, I am what make that golden yellow color.  I am over 200 years old, originating in India, China, and the Middle East.  Today you’ll find me flourishing in all tropical regions of the world.  In biblical times I was used to make perfume, and I have long been exploited for the purpose of making dyes.  I was though to be one of the Persian yellow spices that were associated with sun worship.  Above ground I am a reed-like plant that grows 3 feet tall.  Externally I look similar to my older Aunt Ginger, as we are both underground rhizomes in the same family.  Compared to my Aunt I am milder mannered and intensely more colorful.  Some folk refer to me as Indian saffron, which is an indication of similar color, not taste.  I am very popular in Indian dishes, considered a mild digestive and a remedy for liver ailments.  I am used as a powder, ground, dried, fresh, and as a pickling and coloring agent.  I am also popular in poultry, fish, and vegetable dishes.  You will find me in candy, butter, cheese, Worcestershire sauce and liqueurs.  I am a good source of potassium.


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