August 5th, 2021

  Market Notes August 5th, 2021




     Yellow A potatoes will continue to load out of New Mexico through August 20. This is for bulk loading only. The skins of these yellows have firmed up nicely.  Purple A potatoes are loading fresh out of Stockton and easily consolidated with reds and yellows from the same area for LA delivery.  Yellow fingerlings are tight in California, start next week from Idaho, loading high quality storage crop out of Colorado, and early crop from Washington is now loading out of Oregon.  Red and purple fingerlings are not abundant but available.  Creamers and smaller are loading out of Bakersfield.  For us, organic russets will start up again in early October. Forward distribution continues on both coasts and at this point, pallets, box costs and short hauls remain the same.  


     It’s always a great opportunity to talk about Andy’s, but this time there is a justifiable reason to write about the world’s best stone fruit.  Next week the Green-Gage plums will be available.  The hand-pollinated (soon to be drone pollinated we guess) ping-pong ball sized plums are as intense as they are adorable. Easily eaten out of hand by the threes, they are amazing in sauces, desserts, jams, baked goods, and numerous condiments. The five-pound box itself makes and incredible gift. There are few if any other domestic growers of the Green-Gage plum and we sometimes get them from Australia or New Zealand in the winter.  Green-Gage plums are available FOB in Morgan Hill, California or can be consolidated in and around the LA or San Francisco market. Call for more info and pre-orders.


     Aside from the floods and the fires that restrict everything, in many areas it is just extremely hot. These are not the know places like Death Valley, or Bakersfield, that’s expected. We are talking about heat waves that hit cities like Chicago, Newark, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, and Detroit. We are talking about Hawaiian basil that is required to make two separate flights to reach its destination. We are talking about tarmacs that are 115 degrees and product waiting on that tarmac for two to four hours. We have learned (it took a decade) that some days, no matter how we insulate or protect, the product will break down.  This mostly happens in August.  As we hope to continue to make good deliveries on out prime Hawaiian basil there will be times we can only offer pesto. Seriously though, we may have to put off some shipments if it is likely the herb won’t make the trip. Sometimes we are restricted by the airlines. Or the cities we ship to we will have an eye on the temps and keep you up to date on any adjustments.  


       In American style mustard, I am what makes that golden yellow color.  I am over 200 years old, originating in India, China, and the Middle East.  Today you’ll find me flourishing in all tropical regions of the world.  In biblical times I was used to make perfume, and I have long been exploited for the purpose of making dyes.  I was thought to be one of the Persian yellow spices that were associated with sun worship.  Above ground I am a reed-like plant that grows 3 feet tall.  Externally I look like my older Aunt Ginger, as we are both underground rhizomes in the same family.  Compared to my Aunt I am mild mannered and intensely more colorful.  Some folks refer to me as Indian saffron, which is an indication of similar color, not taste.  I am very popular in Indian dishes, considered a mild digestive and a remedy for liver ailments.  I am used as a powder, ground, dried, fresh, and as a pickling and coloring agent.  I am also popular in poultry, fish, and vegetable dishes.  You will find me in candy, butter, cheese, Worcestershire sauce and liqueurs.  I am a good source of potassium. Currently I am enjoyed as a superfood.  

Answer to last weeks quiz….PARSLEY…Congrats to all winners!

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