Dec. 3, 2020

  Market Notes Dec. 3, 2020



As a society we are fed up with Covid-19 but it is not fed up with us. If Covid were produce it would be at peak of perfection. That peak will last eight weeks at least but an end is in sight.  Every day we hear new numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths and the numbers are overwhelming. So much so that the reduction of healthy people, and people in general, has started to touch all things. Packing houses are shutting down due to lack of healthy employees. Drivers are less available due to mandatory quarantine. Overnight services are accepting fewer products due to limited manpower. To balance this people are staying home more, going out less and spending less so maybe the supply and demand thing will balance out.  Our point is this; changes in commerce can be very sudden which can quickly change orders, from shorted loads, to lost drivers. While many of our customers have been truly awesome by ordering ahead, if there is no one to pack or load delays are inevitable. This is really not something to stay ahead of, but we can stay on top of. We have our list and we are checking it more than twice. As these medical conditions cause burps in the system we will let you know in real time, providing solutions and tracking as needed. We do think the season will be busier than no holiday, but we won’t be setting any volume records.


While some of the high end uber-cool sour fruits wind down, the sweet kicks in.  On our own crop, we are down to about 60# or finger limes but our competition has lots. Kaffir and Yuzu are somewhere between limited and done. Kumquats are very limited but we are waiting for late crop trees to ripen. Meyer lemons remain steady as do sweet limes.  Blood oranges have begun but we will have to wait until the New Year before we see strong color. The Grapefruit varietals have begun.  This includes the pummelo and the mell-o-gold.  Along with the young blood oranges we also have cara-cara, navel and for juicing the first of the season Valencia are now available. Katsu mandarins and Cuties begin the tangerine season.  It just gets sweeter from here as we eagerly wait for the Ojai Valley season which is about eight weeks away. Five count Buddha hands are available in five count cases and are at peak of perfection.  Citrus can be consolidated in LA, SFO or loaded grower direct.  Please contact your Culinary rep for sizes and prices.


    I was enjoyed in the dark ages, often mentioned in the Bible, cultivated by the Egyptians who turned me on to the Romans, who introduced me to the Celts, and I ended up as the national vegetable of Wales. Not bad for an allium, but it wasn’t always that easy.  We still hold the memories of the dark times, the 16th to 18th centuries, where the aristocracy turned up their nose at me and I had to rely on the common folk for acceptance, but let’s not go there.  I have finally shed the title of “poor man’s asparagus”, and rightfully so. I can go almost anywhere, can be used in just about anything, or make a hearty dish on my own.  Known as the king of soup onions I have been seen in the finest soups, sauces, and broth. My family is large, but we all act about the same, except for the enormous elders.  They’re nasty, but I guess that can’t be helped when your insides stiffen up like a tree.  I range from 9 to 11 inches in height and am best when about 1 inch in diameter.  My behavior is not wild or rampant so my delicate sweet mild flavor imparts best from my white base, which remains underground until harvest.  Sublime in potato pies or casseroles, I also excite when braised in cream or simmered in butter.  Soups and towns are named after me, but after that 150-year snuffing; I just want to be everywhere.  From babies for garnish to woodies for display, you’ll enjoy using me in your daily preparations as well as dinner for the Duke and Duchess.  I provide an excellent source of folic acid and a good source of iron, potassium, vitamins C, B6, and calcium.  Would it be bragging to say I make Mother Nature proud?

The answer to this weeks quiz will be posted next week.

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