DECEMBER 1st, 2022

  Market Notes DECEMBER 1st, 2022



     The troubles have subsided a bit, but they are not gone. This past week we started with 50% allocations on both mixes and components but by mid-week we were able to fill orders in full. As of tomorrow, many grower, packer, shippers are predicting allocations again. We do now that all processors have completed their transitions, so all start-ups have started up. Weather conditions are on the cold side so the growing is slow. Hardest hit from what we see is arugula. Full size kale is harder to come by than the babies, but both have seen cuts.  Mesclun mixes seem to be a bit easier to come by, but this week was the lull after the holiday, so we expect that demand to pick up. If we had to predict we would guess that early next week will be tough and things might open up by weeks end.  Perhaps we will see price drops the week after.


   The weeks before Thanksgiving and the one week after are usually a good indicator of how the holiday season will progress. On the consumer both Black Friday and Cyber Monday were record setters. While the heavy sales prior to Thanksgiving are often offset by the slow week after from too much stock, that has not seemed to happen this season.  All indications are that it is going to be a very busy holiday season. For the moment,  we will simply ignore a potential rail strike that could have impact as soon as next week. Trucking is going to tighten up along with air freight overload from mail and packed planes.  Both UPD and Fed-Ex have eased their deadline promises, indicating heavy volume and lack of labor.  Better to be buy and rough than slow and easy?  We think so and are very pleased that holiday mania could well be back.  That said, we will do or best to work as ahead as possible and will request the same from you.  Ho-Ho-Ho, here we go.


   While the sweets are waiting in the wings, the sours are in full swing.  Buddha Hands, Kaffir Limes, Yuzu Lemons, Calamondin, Pummelo, and of course finger limes are available in good supply. Pallets can  be loaded FOB, or we will gladly arrange for cross docking in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and possibly Yuma.  Please check with your Culinary rep for deals and logistics.  


 I am a berry.  I am the only plant a silkworm will eat. I am black, white, pink, purple or red. My black variety is most preferred by humans, while my white variety is most preferred by the silkworms. Oddly enough, it is my red variety that is most sought after in the United States. I must be allowed to fully ripen before I am picked for best flavor.  For this reason, I am often picked from the ground after I am fully ripened and plunge to my death. I am usually planted on grassy ground, so I do not explode as I land.  Some harvesters, anticipating my maturity will place a drop cloth at my trees base, making the harvest easier, but not the landing. I am an attractive medium sized tree,  but my branches are untidy so some of us get to the grass no matter what. I want you to remember me, so I will stain your hands if not wearing gloves and it is best to wear very dark clothing when gathering my dark colors. For consumption, just a little fresh cream will make me light up your taste buds, but I am also found in puddings, compotes, or fruit plate with pears.

Answer to this weeks quiz will be posted next week on 12-8-2022

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