December 31, 2015

  Market Notes
  December 31, 2015


10) CULINARY CALIFORNIA OFFICE – We were pleased to announce our new office in Corralitos, California located between the organics of Santa Cruz and the berries and apples of Watsonville. A quick coastal drive down route one and we can meet you in Monterey or host small meetings and catered events at our new west coast home.

9) GMO NON-LABELING – Simply amazing that our government eliminated any enforcement of GMO labeling because it is deemed to be safe by the FDA. That plus the cost of label changing is costly. So does that mean they only list the ingredients that are dangerous? Fact is most of the processed corn and some of the fresh corn is most likely GMO. If it is no big deal, why not let people know? If it looks like a scam….

8) POTATOES AND APPLES STOP TURNING BROWN- GMO hits home. Our industry now offers the Innate Russets from JR Simplot and the Arctic Apple. This is high impact GMO as they do not turn brown when cut. This is not selective breeding, or sport varieties, rather genetic modification to turn off the genes that make them brown. Russet potatoes and Granny Smith apples were the first approved in their category, many more will come. While this has many exciting possibilities, the consumer should still be informed. Then, they will request with one of their three mouths.

7) UGLY PRODUCE HITS THE STAND Good thing for the earth. Consumers are finally getting an opportunity to understand that produce does not have to look perfect to taste great. Like a passion fruit or mango that are not pretty when they are ready to be eaten, a scarred pepper or misshapen zucchini can still taste great, even better. We applaud retailers that are providing lower price points for less than perfect fruits and veggies. It is holistic approach and a win/win. Yippee!!! Good for produce.

6) FRENCH PRODUCE RULES- France has taken this one step further. To decrease the divide between the starving and the gourmand, France has passed legislation that forbids supermarkets to trash unsold food. Markets over 4300 square feet will have to sign contracts with charities and police will verify that retailers are not intentionally tainting their food so they do not have to donate. Two possibilities here; either the starving will be fed, or food production will reduce tremendously. Any bets?

5) POT PART OF PACA – While it is common knowledge that Marijuana will be nationally legal soon, some states are seriously investing in its future. While a small little clause in the new “keep the government working” bill allows an entry for banks, California is prepping up for statewide licensing and will consider marijuana an agricultural crop and subject to its laws. So PACA will now have to check for THC percentage along with CBD content. Can’t wait for those claims.

4) EL-NINO- While the world continues to argue about climate change while it is actually happening (we think it is due to the pet rock phenomenon) there are some traditional weather patterns that should be a plus for the produce business. We will blame the horrible hurricanes and violent storms on the ozone layer but be thankful for the El Nino that brings warmer temps to the east and cooler temps to the west. It also brings rain in the valleys, snow in the hills. This will not solve the drought issues in one season but better to be thinking water retention rather than wondering where the water will come from.

3) HUNTS POINT MARKET – Just because.

2) FOOD SHOW FOLLIES-THE END OF THE TOUR – We would love to be considered in the same company as the WHO, but after completing our second last food show were are seriously committed to keeping it that way. Other than performances for the queen or ticketed events where we get a percent of the door, we are hanging up the pans, taking back our toys and going home. After a quarter century of hawking new products, chasing Fed-Ex trucks in the ice and snow, and shutting down for effectively two days we have gotten past the ego, the investment and the politics of food shows. Better off to have private shows and one on one meeting from an ROI point of view. However, if you do not care about the investment or the need to shove your new product down every single customers throat, these shows are a party, and there is no better party than the New York Food Show. We look forward to being attendees in the future.

1) MIDNIGHT MOON MARKETING- We spent a year touting a new potato variety only to find out the name was trademarked by a fruit company as a plum. So, the potato once known as the Midnight Moon will have to change its name. Purple is still the new yellow but we are on hold with retail packing for the soon to be announced new name. While we are dumbfounded about the backfire at least we know our marketing efforts, press releases, photos, articles, and recipes were noticed by someone. Oh well.

From us and ours to you and yours wishing you a safe, happy and healthy New Year

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