Feb 13, 2020

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In medieval Germany it was a popular belief that an apple steeped in the perspiration of the loved woman would excite  amorous advances


Among Arabs, carrots are eaten as an aphrodisiac.  Stewed in milk sauce, they are recommended as helpful in sexual activity.  In Greece the carrot was popular as a sexual medicine; it was called philtron.


A Hindu prescription for sexual vigor and at the same time a preservative of health contains these three ingredients: Juice of the fennel plant and milk mixed with honey, ghee, licorice, and sugar.  This compound is described as holy, partaking the essence of nectar.


According to Pliny the Elder, the Roman encyclopedist, the pith of the pomegranate tree was conducive to sexual activity.  The fruit of the pomegranate is known in many cultures as a symbol for fertility.


Ancient and Asian, I’m larger and more revered than my western counterparts, and my long, white (sometimes green-shouldered), shape distinguishes me from American and European varieties.  My earliest existence is documented in archeological remains of northern China; it’s believed that I traveled westward following the path of human migrations.  I was introduced to Japan only one thousand years ago and am now the country’s most widely grown vegetable. In England, in the Middle Ages, I was prescribed as a remedy for “woman’s chatter” and depression.  Early on, sailors ate me to prevent scurvy and as a remedy for colds.  In addition to lots of vitamin C, I have only 10 calories per half cup.  Raw, I’m fresh and snappy, with a juicy crispness; I can be sweet and mild to fairly hot and pungent.  Peel me like a carrot, cook me like a turnip, grate me or foam me, pickle me, or carve me into decorative shapes.  I’m loved in tempura dipping sauces, with sushi, or call me Mooli and cook me in Indian food.  You may use my black spanish relative because he’s the same size and shape, but only I can be gift-wrapped as a token of esteem in Japan.

Answer to last week’s quiz ….. CARDAMOM…..Congrats to all winners

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