February 10th, 2022

  Market Notes February 10th, 2022



   Limes de finger are now available in bulk or retail containers. We are on the downside of the first winter harvest while we still have premium product. We expect there will be the first gap within the next 4 weeks. Then, the second flush begins about 4 weeks later. We have great Fed-ex rates for cross country shipping and can often ship same day if we get orders early enough.  Continuing with the sour side, Seville oranges are now available in 18# sacks. On the sweet side we are entering the sweet side of the citrus deal. Sumos are already everywhere soon to be followed by a parade of tangerines and citrus crosses. Finally, and amazingly, there are still some beautiful and large Buddha hands for zest and beauty. Call for the latest and greatest.  


   While it is too late for the holiday hardware we do have two last minute options for the day of love. Both would be an overnight delivery for Saturday. This is the lightweight stuff.  First up would be edible flowers, headlined by edible roses.  Second would be an amazing array of micro-greens including red amaranth and bull’s blood. It is possible but unlikely we could squeeze out carved red potato or beet hearts, but if you ask we will do all possible to provide a Saturday delivery for those items as well. Call now or sooner for those items. From Superbowl to Valentine’s Day, it’s gonna be a wild weekend. We are expecting a tired Tuesday.  


    Just in from the “such a deal” bin we have yellow carrots.  This are 50# fresh from Mexico, ready for pick up in McAllen, Texas. We have about 8 pallets available of 50# large carrots. We can arrange delivery or we can offer an FOB price. Aside from transportation we can offer this one-time deal only (customer/shipper error) as a PAS product. If you are interested in the product we can forward pictures on request showing sizing and COO. Please contact Richard for more information.


   I’m part of a big family, so you may have trouble picking me out from the group.  I’m one of the oldest members of the clan, all the way from the ancient Greeks and Romans.  I’m proud of my heritage and that I arrived aboard the slave ships with those who know how to treat me the best.  My young tender leaves are blue green and prime; the rest of my greens can go to your iguana, but neither of you will want my long stalk.  I’m incredibly prolific – lots of greens from very few plants.  As I grow, if you are kind, you can harvest my outer leaves and I’ll keep growing from the inside out for my entire season.  Or if you’re one of those commercial farmers, you’ll wait till I crown, and then lop off my non-head all at once.  You see, I’m a soul man . . . I’m smooth and young and I just need a good bath, then when you heat me up nice and long and slow, I’m succulent.   Cozy up with me and let my aroma take you down to the pleasures of the south.  Shred my leathery leaves; couple me with some hocks, then serve me up with black-eyed peas.  My smooth, thick, tender leaves are hearty enough to replace meat – Brazil’s feijoada would not be complete without me.  Prepare me with vinegar to get the best flavor.  Full of potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins A and C, I’m a rich guy for the cool season — you’ll find me year-round, but I’m mostly seen December to April.  

Answer to last quiz….ACORN SQUASH…Congrats to all winners!

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