February 11th, 2021

  Market Notes
February 11th, 2021




As rain, sleet, storms and snow are in season on this side, down under and one over it’s just past the peak of summer. And we all know how wonderful summertime stone fruit is. No, it’s not the drop dead stupid good local stuff, but New Zealand does an excellent job, with great variety and something you don’t see every year.  The selection goes well beyond stone fruit. Between now and April 1st the imports include Passion Fruit, Apricots, Kiwiberries and White Donut Peaches. Peacharines will be available in March and the season finishes with a new pear variety called Honey Belle The best news is that this year Greengage plums will be available. Greengage is a small plum that is super sweet and has a super flavor. Excellent for desserts and dangerously addictive when eaten out of hand, one would be pressed to find a tastier plum. Unless hand pollinated, Greengage plums plants fruit every two to three years, so this is an “on” year. Greengage is packed in 5 kilo cases and ship out of the LA Market.  If you like exceptional fruit, get these.  


Speaking of the LA Market to will be closed on Monday in celebration of President’s Day. We are aware there are lots of things to say about that, but we’re just going to play this one straight. President’s Day is a Federal Holiday so the Post Office, Federal banks, and Federal office buildings are closed. Most of our shippers are open as are most of our receivers. LA pricing can be done tomorrow but consolidation will have to wait until Tuesday.  For airshots and overnights we will contact each deal individually. For those who get to celebrate, enjoy! For everyone else, Monday is a normal day at Culinary.  


    Seems crazy to be talking about fresh ramps during snow and sleet storms but harvest is a mere 3.5 weeks away.  This program took a big hit last year as its timing was in perfect synchronization with the Covid outbreak, so a lot of our customers dropped out. This affected a lot of pickers and picker camp operations and was a financial disaster. This year pickers will be fewer but the ramps don’t know that and the crop should be strong and brief as usual. Where ever pleased that our customers are back.  Central California is already seeing some porcini and very wet and ugly chanterelles. We await the holy morel! A definite sign of spring, we can hardly wait.  


   I won’t stab you in the back, I can’t.  Although I am crispy, I’d probably break first. I have been known to be harmful, but that really just depends on how I am treated. As the main ingredient in a king’s salad, I don’t rome very far.  But whether to have me before or after a meal is a debate that has gone on since the time of Augustus. Some say I originated in the Aegean others say in parts of Asia. I am a member of the sunflower family of plants. Originally grown for the oil in my seeds, now people like me for my heart. I usually remain loyal green and large leafed but the modern day yuppies pluck us as babies and often grow us red. Each year Americans eat about 30 pounds of my relatives and me.  And it’s no wonder, because people can do so much with me: I can be used as a bed on a plate, served with fruit or anchovies, pickled in a jar, or cooked in soup. At home with croutons or anchovies we are also the crisp bit you yearn for in your favorite sandwich. The myth that my siblings and I provide almost no nutritional value is not quite true, because I contain folates, vitamins A & C, potassium and fiber.

The answer to last weeks quiz was..KALE..Congrats to all winners

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