February 15, 2018

  Market Notes
February 15, 2018


We are always thrilled when a customer calls and asks us for a bid. It allows us to negotiate with growers and assure them steady movement if we get the deal. It also allows us to work with the receiver as well, meeting or exceeding their needs if we can, and we usually do. This is probably the core of our business. We have developed a logistical and grower network that when managed properly makes us seem like magicians providing product on a year round basis. We give quotes for ad’s, short term deals and forever deals. We quote, FOB, consolidated and delivered. But that is about to change. This is all due to one word, trucking. Like making a good Cholent, all the ingredients must come together perfectly for the meal to be a success. If one ingredient is missing, the goal is not achieved. So, we can mix the marbles with the jumbos, the creamers with the fingerlings, and the purples with the whites, but when transportation becomes limited and prices jump fifty per cent in a week it is tough to quote delivered prices. So as not to miss an opportunity, (a broker sin) we are now offering lid (will never be more than) pricing on our bids along with FOB and consolidation. As we are getting a lot of bid requests as this is affecting the entire industry, we doubt we are alone. We thank you for your understanding and please, keep ‘em coming,


The asparagus market has dropped significantly and the quality is excellent so now is a great time to feature these versatile stalks of yummy. They will go very well with the trendy new preparations of whole peeled baby carrots that will apply to the grass as well. The combination is beautiful and delicious. Whole peeled baby carrots are also abundant and looking great. We even have rainbow baby peeled carrots if your palate requires more color. With the rains subsiding, our French beans are green from tip to tip, and stay green even if the tips are gone. We’ve got them whole and trimmed, both at silly prices. If stir-fry is your thing, snow peas and snap peas are ready to go with prices that are also very low. We can combine all the above with baby lettuce, fresh herbs, specialty potatoes, chili peppers, and oriental specialties and deliver to most locations on the east coast or fly anywhere around the globe. Retail packaging also available. Please check with your Culinary Rep for details.


Finally the culinary world is recognizing me again. My name comes from the Latin ‘to wash’ and for a long time I was washed up in kitchens. I’ve had a most glorious history. In the Middle Ages I was considered the herb of love, to the perfume industry I’ve always been a major component. From smelling salts to soothing the mind and soul, I have several medicinal uses. My English variety is most popular for perfumed products and my smaller flowers produce more valuable esters than the older plant’s darker oils. Often found in vinegars, jellies and sometimes as a salad condiment, my small purple flowers and long stems stand out as an excellent garnish. I am a member of the mint family and today my culinary uses are being realized in both sweet and savory dishes. Combining perfectly with lamb, salmon, black pepper, honey, chocolate, cumin, oranges, and many smoked foods, the creative chef will find endless uses for me. I am available fresh or dried and I bloom and flower in June and July. When you have finished using me in the kitchen, and if you are lucky enough to have some of me leftover, here are some other possible uses for me: soaps, pillow stuffing, potpourris, shaving cream, or just add it to your bath water. And let us not forget that Donovan sang about understanding me, so if you have any more questions ask him, he made me a big part of the whole 60’s love thing.

Answer To Last Week’s Quiz:…CUCUMBER…Congrats To All Winners

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