February 5, 2015

culFebruary 5, 2015


      While it is unfortunate that we do not have access to the amazing variety of winter citrus provided by Deer Creek, we do work with many other growers as well as the rare finds in the LA Market.  Quick aside: LA Market once again has the Soursop (Guanabana) although coming from Granada it is irradiated. Back to the citrus direct.  One of our southern California growers has just started shipping his crop which is located in San Diego. Throughout the year this grower offers three top notch items, kumquats, blood oranges, and passion fruit.  Currently the passion fruit is out of season but the kumquats and blood oranges are available now.  Blood oranges are of the Morro variety and the color is deep red, exactly what you’d expect. The blood oranges are packed in half cartons and are packed 72 to the pallet.  Pricing includes delivery to your favorite location in and around the LA market. Kumquats are packed four different ways, three for retail and one for foodservice.  For foodservice we offer a standard 10 pound case of the Nagami Kumquat and we can load 140 cases per pallet. For Retail we have a 12/8 ounce case with 204 cases on a pallet, 12/12 ounce with 99 cases per pallet and 1 12/20 ounce pack that holds 72 cases per pallet. The program should run through July.  Please contact your Culinary rep for details samples and prices. Oh, did we mention this fruit looks perfect and tastes awesome.

    First, and for the record, we think the superfood concept is totally bogus.  It is a great marketing scheme for whatever fruit or vegetable Oprah, Katy. Whoopee, Kim, or Jimmy choose to talk about.  Reality fruits and vegetables grown with concern for nutrient density are good for you period. That said; please allow us to shamelessly jump on this bandwagon exclusively for the purpose of sales.  Our greens grower is one of six growers selected to grow, pack and ship Kalettes™ the sweet and nutty combination of Brussels sprouts and used Toyota brake parts.  No, no, no that’s not right. Let’s try Brussels sprouts and kale.  Marketed a decade ago as lollipops, Kalettes™ are a rounder shape, kind of like something that could double as a buttoner.  Grown seasonally in Salinas and Yuma, one should consider this super superfood a safe bet because if it does have food safety issues, it is this same vegetable that will cure whatever ails you, even if it provides the ailment. We have social media kits and once again samples available if you are willing to stop your truck at our Yuma dock. As far as taste is concerned, well move over milkshake, here come the Kalettes™, and you do not have to go to Radio City Music Hall to see them.

     Save for organic arugula, everything in our Yuma growing fields is back to normal.  No more allocations,, no more questionable product and most of all pricing has returned to normal.  The skies are clear and sunny during the day and cool at night, just what our baby greens love. Frisee actually remains a little tight but we think that will all be resolved by next week.  While nothing naughty is predicted for the remaining eight weeks we hope for a very smooth transition back to the Salinas Valley.  For the frisee and organic arugula, please stay ahead. Another week on each and they will be fine as well.

       I am a cruciferal.  Known to bring good luck to those who ingest me, I am an herbaceous annual plant native to Europe and western Asia.  Romans used my seeds as well as my leaves.  As a member of the cabbage family I am related to watercress, mustard and radishes.  I can grow as high as twenty inches but many times my tender baby leaves are harvested when they are about three inches long.  My leaves are similar in shape to a radish or a dandelion, but my nutty, bitter flavor is by far the best.  I am a relatively perishable green and should be used a couple days after harvest.  Some people store me in a glass of fresh water (like cut flowers) that would be changed daily, but most refrigerate me with a damp cover at my base.  We think that’s best.  Consumed raw, I am a feature in many salads, a component of many other salads, and I combine magically with cheese (goat or parmesan slivers) and citrus (blood or cara-cara oranges).  I can even add some zip to your best potato salad.  When cooked, I make a great base for fish or beef entrees, or wilted as a side dish.  If you’re careful I can even be fried.  Strong in fiber, I am also a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium.  As a pharmafood I am considered to have the properties of a stimulant and a diuretic.

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