Jan 23, 2020

  Market Notes Jan 23, 2020



      The produce industry lost its queen last Saturday. Frieda Kaplan was an amazing lady. She knew more about what our business was going to be than we did when we first started. We did not know about Frieda’s when we started but somehow she knew about us, a tiny start-up across the country.  She was gracious and knowledgeable leader. I am honored to have met her a few times and to have worked with Frieda’s as a vendor and a customer. At the New York Produce Show a few years ago, our electricity went out and on the way to find maintenance I walked by the Frieda’s booth and there was Frieda, sitting on a stool alone. Stunned that there was not a crowd around her and knowing a specialty opportunity when I see one, I forgot about the emergency and found some private moments to chat, amazed she did not cultivate a crowd. Turns out I was lucky as after our chat Frieda was immediately swamped, as it should be.  I got my fifteen minutes with fame in lieu of electricity. Well worth it. There is not and has never been a finer spokesman for our industry. Unfortunately I do not know her personally but over the years have heard amazing stories of her humanity. Two network profiles and her own movie do a reasonable job of profiling her greatness. Her 96 years on earth will be remembered and celebrated for centuries to come. While her passing is sad, her life will be celebrated. Thank you Frieda, You are a rock star and we are all fans.  


   Some quick corrections and updates about our Edison potato program. First the new crop red and purple fingerling potatoes are in, so we can resume our three fingerling blend is available once again.  However there was some incorrect reporting last week.  We will not have red rounds or purple rounds until the spring harvest. The new crop yellow fingerlings look particularly good and we are looking forward to a great winter season. We load FOB in Edison and can consolidate anywhere in the LA market area.  Please call your Culinary rep for details.  


   One of biggest complaints we get is not being able to tell our customers when this shortage is going to end. Everyone understands the cold, the rains, and the freezing temperatures but then they here better weather reports and wonder where the good stuff is. One of the biggest problems caused by the severe rains is that plantings were actually missed. So, along with the current slow growth, there are fields that were left empty for weeks due to the soggy soil. From what we know there was only one round of plantings missed. Depending on the actual green (arugula, frisee, baby heads, etc.) there can be a 4 to 6 week gap. We have been in the weeds for about 3 weeks so expect this to go on for another 3 weeks as long as plantings can remain on schedule.  In the meantime we are hit or miss on quality, size and availability for the immediate future. The only good news is that to date no other plantings have been missed. Weekly updates will continue.



Answer to last week’s quiz ….. PARSNIP…..Congrats to all winners

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