January 21st, 2021

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January 21st, 2021



We admit it.  Compared to the numerous varieties and colors of potatoes we are not fans of purple potatoes. Compared to the vast wonderful flavors this expanded category now offers we think that purple potatoes rate near the bottom of the list. They are great on the eyes, but average (at best) on the tongue. We understand this is totally subjective and truly a matter of taste. We sell purple round potatoes and purple fingerlings every day of every week. Over the past several years purple skin potatoes have been cultivated with different color flesh. An old variety of purple skin/white flesh called Brigus and a new variety called Harvest Moon with purple skin and bright yellow flesh both have excellent flavor profiles, so it made us wonder. Many of the purple skin varieties we offer today, be they oblong or round, are either all white, have a white ring, or striated with white. We now have to specify that the potato have purple flesh and skin to get the customer’s order correct. So why this invasion of white flesh?  Possibly more disease resistant, easier to grow or store better but after so extensive testing, the purple potatoes with purple and white flesh consistently tasted better than the spuds with solid purple flesh. We encourage you to take the same test and let us know what you think.  Of course, you do know where to get the potatoes for testing, right?



More things Valentine’s Day. Aside from everything red and re-enacting massacres, one of the most popular culinary items is stem strawberries. We always get requests for berries 3-5 days before the holiday and growers get a good laugh. So, this year we’re going to try to get on the other side of this and offer them up early to assure supply. We are offering California stem strawberries. They are packed in 4/1# trays per flat and each tray has 14-16 long stem strawberries. That’s an average 60 berries per flat.  They are FOB Vernon, California and there are 108 flats per pallet. Aside from rain we can lock down your orders now so there won’t be a scramble come February 9th. We would need these orders no later than January 28th for product that would pick up any time after February 3rd. To be clear, we can lock down availability but if there are heavy rains, the deal is off.  Fortunately, these berries are from southern California where it never rains.  Call us today to lock in your loads.



    Over 7,000 years old and I am still one of the top three pulses in the world. Four Thousand years ago I claimed the number one spot in India, and I remain there, even today.  Wanna know how to get to the top?  Here’s how I did it.  First, you’ve just got to be part of the in crowd.  For me, that meant hangin’ with the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.  In order to hang with the myths and legends, I used color and shape.  “Small ram”, was my flashy nickname used to describe my rams head profile.  Then I became every color I could.  Ranging from creamy beige to black, green, yellow, red or brown would easily let folks know I was in town. Maintaining accessibility was essential.  No tall trees or stringy vines for me, no sir!  I live with a couple of relatives in a lovely green pod on a breathtaking view of our feathery fronds.  Longing for prosperity, I adapted quickly to the warm dry climate in the Middle East and surrounding Mediterranean areas.  Making sure I could be useful everywhere I made it known that I was not only edible fresh, but my seeds, when dried, could be used as a paste, flour, legume, as well as a fresh vegetable.  To maintain a little excitement with my nutty flavor, I traded in some protein for some fat.  Lacking specific amino acids is my big flaw and I will never be that complete protein I’ve dreamt of.  I am an excellent source of folic acid and potassium.  Earning a reputation as a good source of fiber has taken me over the top and my fame is spread throughout the planets. I’m rising in stature in the Middle East as we speak, and just after conquering Europe.  Am I on a roll (no, but I’m in a pita)? Look out world, here I bean


The answer to last week’s quiz was…MANGOSTEEN..Congrats to all winners. 

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