January 22, 2015

culJanuary 22, 2015


      Our Fingerling plus potato program has begun from Florida.  Currently we have yellow, purple and red varieties available and we hope to maintain these varieties through July.  We have had some slight issues early on but for the most part the quality has been good. We will add this inventory to our “Just In Time” program for our east coast customers so you can receive product within 48 hours or ordering. For our Southern customers we can arrange direct delivery.  The plus part of the program is the rounds.  This year we are offering red, yellow and white round potatoes. This is the famous Florida manufactured look on the creamers as each potato is perfect. You will also pay dearly for these creamers.  The reds are available now and the whites and yellows are three weeks away.  The round program is expected to run through April.  Please contact your Culinary Rep for delivery details and pricing.


     With the incredibly sporadic weather in Florida it is very hard to predict harvest times and pack outs. There are, however, a couple things that are certain.  Estimating the entire crop through May there will be fewer yellow tomatoes this year than last. For the yellows we think that things will remain moderate to slow through February and should become more steady from March through May. Gas greens are not our thing but they are readily available for you commodity guys. Vine Ripes from South Florida and Beefsteaks from Guatemala are available and steady.  Heirloom Tomatoes from Southern California and Mexico are pretty steady in the mid-twenties. Mixed baby heirlooms are available in the mid-twenties as well.  Teardrop tomatoes, both red and yellow are very tight and when we have them are priced in the forties.

     The Yuma Valley and surrounding areas remain cold with occasional severe winds.  This creates slow growth and changes the outlook on a daily basis, but the future might be a bit grim. For those loading today, Friday and Monday you will find the Mesclun has dropped in price but spinach is very tight and its price will remain elevated and pro-rated.  Tuesday and Wednesday they expect rain followed by a warming front.  This is a recipe for mildew.  So while we currently have slow growing but good conditions, by the middle of next week we could see some fast growth and mold. For the moment baby lettuce, arugula, and kale are readily available until the rains do what the rains do.  Our recommendation?  Load next week by Tuesday.

       I’m originally from the Andes (but I’m not a fingerling potato).  I hitched to New Zealand from South America and they gave me my marketing name in the ‘60’s (but I’m not a Kiwi or Feijoa).  I can be whatever you want: I’m a bitter fruit or a sweet vegetable; I smell like an apricot or a tomato; I’ve the consistency of a firm plum or soft eggplant.  And, want me you will, with my elegant stem, my satin skin in deep purple, red, orange or yellow, my lush deep blush flesh with purple whorls and edible seeds. If you take me home, treat me to a boiling bath for a few minutes, so I can easily slip out of my skin, cradle me like an egg, and be careful when cutting me fresh, I’ll leave stains for sure.  You’ll need to peel me and I’m quite bitter about it, and you’ll probably prefer to cook me, since few like my fresh attitude.  I’m best heavily dosed with sugar or citrus and add intrigue to compotes and chutneys, salsas, relishes, sweet and savory sauces. I must tell you that I’m low in calories (around 19 a piece) with vitamins A&C, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and magnesium.  Would you know me if I tell you that I used to reside on a subtropical shrub often grown as a houseplant for years?

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