January 8 2015

culJanuary 8. 2015


he organic fingerling program from our premier California grower has begun. While the crop is looking outstanding, the varieties we have are awesome. We are pleased to welcome the Rockey Rose ™ and the Red Rebel ™ back into the fingerling category. These are proprietary varieties developed by the Specialty Potato Alliance and some of the best tasting varieties we have ever tasted. Someday the country will recognize how great the Rockey Rose™ is. Until then we will combine our two exclusive varieties with organic Russian Banana for a tri-color pack. For foodservice we offer twenty and fifty pound packs and for retail we have the three SPA packages; red, yellow and combo. Please check with your Culinary Rep for pack, pricing and purchase.

e regret to inform you that we will not have any product from Deer Creek this year. Although our relationship with this grower has been up and down, all prejudice aside, we still believe that he is one of the best citrus growers in the country. With the water shortages the amount of crop is limited and the size of fruit is smaller all adding up to less pounds. Unfortunately Culinary is not at the top of Deer Creek’s sales list and we did not make the cut. We do have other growers we work with but there product line is not as unique and diverse. Basics like Buddha Hans, Blood Oranges, Kumquats, Mandarins, Washington Navel, are all available and we have other sources for Fingerlimes. What we will not have are the TDE’s, Lou Lou’s, Mango Oranges, and the huge variety of Pumello’s. Hopefully next season will be better and we will be back on their list.

    The Yuma area weather has improved. There are no anticipated freezes and the temps are in the seventies and eighties. There are still damaged fields and product is by no means abundant. Total recovery is about two weeks. Allocation levels are dropping daily. Hardest hit are teen spinach and baby arugula. Baby head lettuce along with conventional and organic mesclun should be no problem. All things containing kale are readily available. It is still recommended to order early if you want your order to be complete. Thank you for your patience. We appreciate your continued support.

  I am pretty much a native in Australia and Argentina, but remain beloved in my native Mediterranean home. Even though the Greeks and Romans loved me, today you would only find me in your local Italian market. My head or flower may attract you and you might even whistle at my thistle, but unlike uncle artichoke, it is my fleshy, sliver-gray stalks that taste good. Don’t confuse me with that crispy bright celery; for I am more supple and more complex. Combine artichoke hearts, celery and some oyster plant to get an understanding of my flavor. When cooked I am soft and meaty. You don’t have to worry about my discolored leaves that occur just beneath my decapitation as they are not edible. While I really don’t have an attitude, a good blanch before cooking will make me less bitter. I could also use a peel if my exterior is hard or softly spiked. You can take off all my ugly leaves and tough strings from my inner ribs as well. Then you can treat my leaves like spinach and my stem like celery or asparagus. I blend well hot or cold with light and/or creamy sauces, vinaigrettes, battered and fried or added to soups and stews. I’m low in calories but high in sodium, a good source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. You’ll find me most available from winter to spring. I am not celery with an attitude; but I do have to admit I can easily be perceived that way.

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