July 1st, 2021

  Market Notes July 1st, 2021



Excessive heat and fires in the summer, along with freezing cold temps and floods in the winter is rapidly becoming the norm, not the exception. The USDA is telling farmers who grow corn and soybeans in the Midwest along with wheat growers in the Pacific Northwest to get used to this and to consider more resistant varieties. Now that we have a government that is willing to admit to the existence of global warming our joint ability for solutions is stronger.  Lower yields and quality issues will directly affect export business, costing growers millions in lost crop and profit.  The upcoming apple and pear program in the Pacific Northwest has growers watching very carefully.  Excess water during a coastal drought can create undesirable soil conditions while trying to keep roots three inches underground cool and growing. Meanwhile water evaporation is out of balance with the intense heat which reduces plant transpiration and restricts growth.  Fortunately, this has not affected this year’s cherry crop.  This “wave” is expected to last through the weekend and fortunately some cloud cover has helped control the extreme heat.  And this is just the first week of summer!  


     So, here is what we know. Fed-Ex and UPS will not be picking up on Monday, July 5th.  So there will be no next day delivery on Tuesday.  Most of the LA Market will be closed on Monday so consolidations and direct loading will begin on Tuesday, July 6th. Most Salinas Valley and surrounding area loading docks will be open regular hours, some will close early.  Freight forwarders are open but work with limited crew.  Most drop-offs will need to be pre-set by Saturday. Culinary will be available all day as usual but our ability will be limited to what is open and what we can transfer. LA inbound for Tuesday should be set up by Friday (tomorrow). In New York, the Hunts Point Market will be closed Sunday night, but offices will be open on Monday. PMA HAS A GATHERING DAY! On Wednesday, July 21st and Thursday July 22nd, The PMA Foodservice conference and expo will be held for the 40th time in Monterey, California.  It will be  the first produce gathering in a while, and it is certain to be a festive and educational experience. Culinary has had the distinct pleasure of meeting with many of our valued customers as our California office is only 40 minutes away in Watsonville. If you are planning to attend and would like to meet for a meal or a drink, we would be happy to oblige. If you are looking for adventure (farm tours, the best stone fruit on the planet, adventures on or in water) please reach out and we will once again exceed your expectations. Travel safe, hope to see you there.

                                                           NEW PRODUCE QUIZ – WHO AM I ???

An ancient flavoring used by the Aztecs; I was even once considered an aphrodisiac reserved for royalty.  I am still quite valuable, since I can only be picked from a single type of flower that is painstakingly fertilized.  In fact, my climbing vine’s flower is the only one of my 20,000-member family that bears anything edible.  An unripe fruit, you won’t be attracted to my pod until after I’m cured: they pick me, drop me in boiling water, then let me alternately sunbathe then sweat wrapped in a blanket; before I’m dried and stored.  Once you experience me in this fermented form, you’ll only want pure me, whether whole or processed.  My synthetic processed products, though more affordable and widely used can’t match my flavor and aroma, plus many are made from wood pulp. Whole, I can be reused several times to impart flavor.  Cut and scraped, you’ll enjoy my flavor in ice cream, pudding, candy and liqueurs.  I’m a tonic, antiseptic, digestive and stimulant, but don’t overindulge or you’ll get a tummy ache.  I’m not at all plain like they say, but quite seductive and intoxicating.  Think of me as a long thin lady, perfumed in a sparkled long dark gown.        

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