July 2, 2020

  Market Notes July 2, 2020



It was close to the fourth when Mr. Jon North was pinning away for a party.
For every year past, he was king of the blast, but this year was going to be snarky.
The government said, “cover holes in your head and stand at least six feet away.”
So his town could not gather but perhaps he could rather create a humongous display,
He would light up the sky, for all passersby, making him once again the king of the day.
The town was quite small; residents could see all, while enjoying their own private yard,
Mr. North got excited, his thoughts were ignited, and he knew it would not be too hard.
A barrier of smoke, where no one would choke, would keep everyone safe from disease,
They could take off the mask, dance and drink from a flask, keeping their minds at ease.
Perhaps all the drinking had changed Jon’s thinking as he told all his neighbors his plan,
Stand out in your backyard; it is fun and it’s not hard, and become a fireworks fan.
So the neighbors came out and scattered about with no masks and standing too close,
While Jon lite the sky, letting fireworks fly, where they landed turned out to be gross.
The flame started slow but continued to glow until each home was outlined with fire,
The town burning down, made Mr. North frown, as he saw all his neighbors expire.
So the virus you see, caused a big calamity, even though no one ever got infected,
It happens when we, try to justify free, and everyone else gets neglected.
So this year it’s new, for Mr. North, me and you, when we celebrate freedom today

It means stay at home, don’t mingle don’t roam, this year it’s the American way.

From us and ours to you and yours wishing you a safe, safe, safe, healthy and happy Independence Day


I am the fragrant fruit of the Carica pentagona.  Though closely related to the papaya, my tree is smaller, but I am taller and more slender.  Originally from the lowland areas of Central and South America, until recently I was only consumed locally.  Rarely found in the United States, I have found a home in parts of England and now I am enjoyed locally there.  I am a five-sided fruit with an edible skin.  Pale green at birth, I mature to a rich, bright golden yellow from my pointed tip to my blunt end, all ten inches!  Both my color and shape allow for beautiful slices that show off my pale, moist, pink and juicy flesh.  My flavor is a cross between banana and pineapple, but some consider my scent to be that of strawberries.  I have a refreshing melon-like texture and the softer I feel, the sweeter I eat.  Though I have been used for sorbets and sauces, I am best eaten out of hand, on fruit plates or in fruit salads.  On my own or combined with any green I make an unusual, pretty, refreshing garnish.  I have three times the amount of papain as a papaya, which makes me a very good aid to digestion.  I am also a good source of vitamins A and C.


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