July 7th, 2022

  Market Notes
July 7th, 2022



   First we were told that no more 50# organic fingerling mixes were available. They had to save the remaining crop for retail commitment. So we told all our customers that we had previously convinced to use mix instead of yellow, that we were out.  It went about three rounds, including a straight load of mix  sent east (only three pallets left).Now, with our yellow fingerlings about ten days away, we are told that they can offer several pallets of mix a week as a result of recent harvest. That means they have had a retailer drop out or the yield was very strong. Time to get creative!  Now that volume might exceed demand we are trying to get the folks who pack this stunning three color mix to break it down into individual colors, meeting the demand for good quality straight colors, especially yellow. If they agree we will have supply for both coasts of a full line of fingerlings; mix and three individual colors. Probably to good to be true, but we will stay on it.  


So the Yuma harvest turned out to be a real deal, who knew. In order to get to the east coast, our handsome new crop needs to ride from Yuma to Dalhart, where the field run potatoes will be put into totes along with rocks, vines, and clumps of dirt. Once toted, loads from Dalhart move to Lake Wales to be washed, sorted, and packed into 50# boxes. From Lake Wales we will truck loads to our forward distribution facility in Ephrata, PA.  We hope to have all that done by July 18th, with east coast distribution to follow. We hope to do three loads this way.  For west coast distribution we are working a deal with a grower in Bakersfield to receive directly from Yuma, wash, sort, and pack all in one location.  We hope that will come to fruition next week as well and hopefully we do two runs there.  When this is done we hope a northern Colorado grower who is on schedule to have product available by mid-July to carry us through Early September when our Southern Colorado program begins and we can once again supply the country.  The one common word in this thread is hope, and we do.  


On of the most flavorful products we represent is red roasted tomatoes from Sundown Foods. For any deli, food bar or salad bar this is a standout item where a small sliver bring on big flavor. From anti-paste to Italian subs, roast beef sandwiches or crudité, the flavor of these slow roasted marinated tomatoes with oregano are memorable.  If fact  these tomatoes will improve any recipe that calls for sundried tomatoes.  The tomatoes are offered in retail packs and 25 pound buckets.  If you are willing to test we are willing to send samples. Go ahead, prove us wrong.

                                                     NEW PRODUCE QUIZ – WHO AM I ???

God blessed America – The lord gave it country quilts, apple pie, Fourth of July and me!!!  I am a member of a healthy family.  You won’t find me flourishing in the fields but you will find my clusters sprawled throughout the woods, mountainous regions, and peaty soils.  My flesh is sticky sweet, and don’t miss my seeds, they’re tiny!!  I have approximately thirty varieties all falling under the categories of Vacciinium Angustifolium, which are smaller, milder tasting version (Are you from Jersey? If so then you have no problem finding me, this version is widely cultivated there).  However I’m not around for long, don’t blink or you may miss me.  Please! Treat me gently when you wash me I am very fragile and highly perishable.  I’m an all day long delight, served plain or dried, as a breakfast accompaniment, in fruit salad, yogurt, sorbets, vinegar, juices, jams, pies, cakes and even topped with orange juice and vodka for a tasty after dinner delight.  I am a significant source of vitamin C, potassium, sodium, and fiber.  Hey, if you don’t consume me for my delightful flavor, keep in my mind I am also a “pharmafood” and said to have the effects of an astringent, antibacterial, and antidiarrheal.  Don’t mistake me for Cousin Bill and beware of tricky peas holding their breath to fool you, although their true colors eventually come out with the stars.  

Answer to last quiz….FRENCH FINGERLING POTATO…Congrats to all winners!

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