June 18, 2015

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  June 18, 2015



     This week saw the end of the fingerling deal in Florida.   This program typically runs from January through May. The deal begins in south Florida and moves all the way to the northern border. The Northern crop is not harvested and stored. It is dug as needed. While plants remain in the ground as you read this. The heat has gotten to them and the quality is not shippable. All things considered, we did not do to bed for a crop that supposed to end in May.


   We are at the very end of all Colorado fingerlings. In northern Colorado we have a half load of Russian Banana that will be gone by Monday. We do have a good quantity of storage Rose Finn that look great and deals can be made for those. Southern Colorado is sold out. Final shipments are accounted for and the shed will be empty by Wednesday. The remaining unsellable spuds, the buffalo are very excited.


     This year saw an excess of product due to unexpected big box store cutbacks. This explained the crazy deals from this area. Now that the excess is depleted we hope this market glut will not repeat itself. We will just have to wait and see what pops up next year.


   Product from this area largely supplies the San Francisco and Los Angeles produce markets with many wholesalers in between. It was a banner year for this area and increased volume is expected next year. Fingerlings from this area tend to pack on the larger side as compared to other growing areas but quality is solid.


     Heavier yields per acre due to improved crop management created an unexpected abundance of Fingerling’s this year. There is some product remaining but can only be described as average at best. Possibly some deals to be made here.


   Upstate growers will begin shipping in about a month and while the volume is not huge it does impact the Farmer’s Market’s, the Hunts Point Market, and numerous wholesalers in the northeast. This is about an eight week season and quality and size can be very inconsistent.


     This is where the new crop is in abundance. California harvest for new crop began about six weeks ago and is just coming into its prime. This year’s crop is very pretty, not a single complaint to date. Three sizes of Fingerlings available, organic as well. FOB loading and forward distribution portals move this product very efficiently and a strong season with increased quantity is intended to avoid any gaps.


     Unfortunately this week saw the passing of prominent industry grower. Mike Kundert of Kundert Farms succumbed to Parkinson’s disease earlier this week. Although we did not work with this farm directly, we used their products frequently as procured for us by their neighbors. Their quality is outstanding and they have helped set the standard for quality specialty potatoes. We wish the family and the business all the best in their time of grief and our prayers are with them.

I am a fruity member of the cucumber family. My old soul originates from the depths of Africa. In fact, I have been cultivated and consumed since well before 2000 BC. My marbled skin is thick and rich in color. I am sweet and crisp and my flesh can be vibrant red, pale pink or golden yellow. My fifty plus varieties differ vastly in weight and size. The “Roundies” are the lightweights of the family, while the “Grand Oblongs” are plumper, sometimes weighing over 100 pounds. You should see them run! In certain regions my skin is pickled, candied or fried, but mostly our exteriors are found slurped, moon shaped, ragged and discarded. Our smooth little black seeds might well be the original ammunition of food fights. These prominent sliders are spat, spewed or swallowed. Our newer generations are showing up with no seeds and now there is even a new square shape available. As in most families, the youth do not appreciate or respect the traditions their prior generations fought so hard to maintain. If you are spending time in the desert, I’m the companion you’ll want to bring along, just make sure you are prepared for my diuretic effects. I am also a good source of vitamin C and potassium.

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