March 10th, 2022

  Market Notes March 10th, 2022




   We have to take the good with the bad and we know there’s been plenty of bad. Come Thursday we all have to be Irish and Jewish at the same time. Have Whiskey for lunch with some corned beef and cabbage, then March it off in a bagpipe parade.  Quick nap then Sunday best for one of the best Jewish ceremonies of the year, the Seder. Not Jewish or Irish?  Jump in, trust us you’ll be accepted. Now for the produce stuff.  Springtime is forage time for Culinary, and everyone wants to know about ramps. We expect fronds to start popping in about ten days and we expect to ship clean, well sized product be April first. Hopefully they will be joined shortly thereafter by domestic morels. We currently have Chinese morels available if you can’t wait.  Nettles and Claytonia will be available by months end and the western fiddlehead ferns should be any day now.  Eastern fiddleheads, along with wild watercress, chickweed and wild mustard greens are down the road. Somewhere in this mix will be cattail shoots and paw-paws.  If you are looking for a Euell Gibbons week, look to the ides of April.


    Asparagus is back with a vengeance.   Green in color and less green to buy. All sizes available except ex-large, but we do have jumbo.  120/11# on a pallet and we can mix and match sizes. For east coast customers we can even arrange delivery. Asparagus can also be combined with baby squash, haricot vert, peeled baby carrots and baby lettuce. snow peas, snap peas, berries, peppers, and organic turmeric.   FOB’s are southern Florida and LTL trucks leave on Friday’s and Monday’s. Please reach out to your Culinary sales representative for a full product list and delivered pricing.


   It is not a coincidence our fingerling potato grower also grows finger limes, we asked them to. These sticker laden finnicky, funky trees do very stage things with harvest times.  Traditionally a winter fruit, many orchards (sometimes) have a brief spring flush.  Reports from the fields in Edison, California indicate new and hearty crop coming that will be ready to pack in about two weeks. Photos available on request.  This is a bulk program but we can pack one pound red mesh bags unlabeled as well. We will start taking orders late next week.     


  Despite our lack of importance as a source of nutrition, we contribute hugely to the enjoyment of what you eat.  We are the fragrant leaves of any various annual or perennial plants that grow in temperate zones and do not have woody stems.  We come fresh, dried, or freeze-dried.  In our dried form we are the strongest but lose our pungency quickly.  We add scent, flavor, and color to such a degree that certain foods can not exist without us.  My flavor comes from essential oils stored in leaves, stems, and flowers which are released through heat or processing.  In the combination we have been known at times to be French.  We are essential in soups, stocks, tomato sauce, pesto, pickles, tea, oils and butters.  We can be blended, infused, roasted, used as garnish, or cake decorations.  We aid digestion and can help freshen breath.  We also have many medical uses from aiding sleep, relieving sinus congestion, to emotional stability and heightened sexual sensitivity.  Our lure is tremendous and out popularity is always growing.  From chefs, to pharmacists, from fragrance manufacturers to healers, from Babylonian clay tablets to sophisticated infusions we will someday take over the world.  Oh yeah, we also taste good.  

Answer to last quiz….PEACH…Congrats to all winners!

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