March 17, 2016

  Market Notes
March 17, 2016



Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you eat something green that is natural and not dyed to represent. We moved a fair amount of Lucky Shamrocks to keep curiosity peaked throughout the country. There are no issues with cabbage availability and green corned beef is repulsive. We recommend green tea over colored beer, but what do we know. What we are doing to play our part in keeping it green is keeping you informed of the Yuma/Salinas transition. We are pleased to report that things are looking good. And allow us to digress for a moment to report that due to the substantial rains both Santa Cruz County and Monterey County are no longer reporting severe drought conditions, reservoirs are full or close to it. Woo Hoo!!! Now back to the Northern move. On Monday March 28th, we will need all orders for loading in Yuma through Friday, April 1st. No, this is not a joke. The weekend will complete the move and everything will be absolutely perfect for Salinas area loading come Monday April 4th. If you believe that, there’s a brokerage we’d like to sell you. From a product point of view there are no expected shortages or allocations expected. We are hearing some rumblings of administrative price increases due to government programs but that has not hit the wire just yet.


We usually enjoy the trickle of the amazing springtime forage as the excitement builds for Western Fiddleheads to Morels, Ramps and finally, at Aprils’ end, the Eastern Fiddleheads. But not this year. It has all jumped out at us this season at a spectacular pace. Here are some examples. Morels Mushrooms usually begin with the orchard morels. These blonde sandy morsels from Northern California are the “IT” Morels for a few weeks before additional varieties appear. While the Orchard Morels are most abundant, we do have small quantities of Blonde Morels and Conica Morels as well. Ramps are available now if you are looking for three to five pounds. Volume won’t pick up until Aprils’ end. Along with Western Fiddleheads, soon to be packed in retail clamshells, we have Nettles, Miners Lettuce (Claytonia), Wood Sorrel, Wild Fennel, Wild Watercress, and Wild Onions. As an extra bonus, the South African Porcini’s are back in stock in the perfect little three kilo wooden crates we have come to adore. Most of these items are Fed-Ex out of the Pacific Northwest or Central States. Air shots are available and some items will reach the LA Market for consolidation. Check with your Culinary Rep for shipping, and consolidation options. This is a great time for specialty menus, and the best time of the year for foraged goods. We are keeping it fungilicious and green!


I’m the biggest berry around (1.5 to 3 inches across), but I’m named for my exotic flower. My Amazon size is downplayed in deference to those who see the suffering of Christ in my flower. A native Brazilian, I’m now at home in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and other warm climes; and you will find me in Florida, California, and Hawaii. First, you must look past the distraction of my flowers (used as an herbal remedy for anxiety and insomnia), my decidedly ornamental leaves, and my lovely climbing vine. Then, maybe, you will notice my orbs – purple are less known and are less acidic, richer and juicier than the larger yellow variety. You can let me ripen on the vine ‘til I drop or harvest me early and let me ripen on the way to the consumer. When I’m at my prime, my skin is wrinkled like an aging Brazilian beauty, but once you get past my thick, tough, ugly shell I’m full of yellow/orange pulp sacs encasing edible seeds. It’s my tropical fresh aroma and flavor that you’ll write home about. My fruit is juicy, acid sweet, almost floral – lemon and honey and something exotic. Most of my pulp is processed into juice, but some of my fruit does make it to market. Full of vitamins C and A and available most of the year, I’m wonderful eaten fresh, used in drinks, sauces, desserts and ice-cream. And, of the seven different fruits in Hawaiian Punch, it is I who gives it it’s punch.

Answer To Last Week’s Quiz…PINEAPPLE…Congrats To All Winners
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