March 26, 2015

cul  Market Notes
  March 26, 2015

This is the week. Most of the lettuce growers will be wrapping up their processing in Yuma and packing up their processing lines for northern production. Orders for loading Monday have already been packed and will also be transferred north for loading. Although this happens every year, the sheer volume of work is tremendous and there are several things that can go wrong. If all the lines get set up in time and crop from the new fields arrives on time we will have no problems other than long waits. We know that teen spinach remains tight but at this point all other products should ready and waiting to be processed. Growers are giving thumbs up across the board. Expect craziness on Monday but by Wednesday, barring any explosions, we should be humming along. We will do our level best to get you loaded on time. Please check with us before your driver goes postal.

Consumer Reports recently published a report showing organic produce was healthier than conventional noting the percentages of pesticide residue. This, along with lists of the top ten most dangerous fruits and vegetables, we find very silly. Both conventional and organic fruits and vegetables can be grown with heavy or minimal amounts of chemical control. Flushing and post-harvest can also have an effect. We have formed another belief that is both good for the grower’s bank account, the consumer and ultimately the planet. There is a new term for this called Bio-Farming and while the implementation requires a different state-of-mind, the premise is simple. Take care of the land and the land will take care of the plants. If we create a soil food web and maintain a healthy environment within the soil there will be less carbon escaping, less use of water and a smaller need for chemicals to be sprayed. This may be bad for DuPont good for the world. When we totally sterilize the ground, killing everything in it and then add vast amounts of chemicals and pump it up with water, not only are we losing nutrient density, we are destroying the core of our planet. Healthy soil, healthy plants, say no more!



  I am citrus, use my zest, I am sour at my best, and my flowers linger fragrant all night long. Spain is where I first did pledge, but much more than just a hedge, I knew my essential oil would make me strong. Oh yes, I survived, but I don’t need to be revived, making perfume and Earl Grey Tea can’t be wrong.

   My thorns are thick as wood, but my oil it sure tastes good, and my green and juicy pulps’ no use at all. Scrape my skin and mix me in, or rub me on your chin, in your face or mixing bowl you’ll have a ball. And if, you’re in France, the city of Nancy by chance, you’ll find barley sugar with me at the mall.

   Try to find me if you dare, I can’t be found just anywhere, but you might be using me to wash your hair. In Calabria or Sicily, is where you’ll have a chance to see, how they use my precious oil to make candy. Here and now I can say, that I’ll never go away, as long as there is eau de cologne there will be me!

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